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We're talking about this story that was in Florida politics the other day Janelle Irwin was the reporter on the story. And it's about Tampa mayoral candidate Toepfer Morrison and this woman Elizabeth Longdon who worked for him and his company she is accusing him of sexual harassment. Basically, she was put on a computer at the workplace Morrison was logged into it. He was receiving messages from women that he met on Tinder some of them sexually explicit. And she was seeing them pop up now. After that. The stories really diverge. You've got her saying that she brought to their attention. The messages were showing up. She never actually got into the details about the message. He's saying how come she didn't come to him with more information and things like that. When you get into Morrison's statement in response to the claims, and I'm not sure I'm not a hundred percent solds. This is sexual harassment. Not either even as a female. I don't know that I buy all that. But still an awkward. Sir. No question. Very awkward. So what Morrison says is when the text message notification comes up on the screen of a MAC, computer. The entire message can't be read. And if there's an image in the tax message, it appears smaller than one square centimeter. So he's saying the only way that the woman could have seen images of his partner and read the intimate messages was if she willingly clicked on the notification bar to open it. So he thinks she was snooping. Right. It's okay. So what I need you to do is. I need you to go ahead. And and send me a message with a picture of. You're not what kind of picture you asked. No, not that just like a picture of my dog come through your dog find that works. All right. So I have my MAC open here. I have my notification setting set up. What I think is exactly like okay there. It is. So it comes through and. All right. It's still up on the screen. I think I've got him set up exactly like he described. So when it first went when the bar, I comes across the top of MAC, it's got your name attachment one image. And then you get like a quick shot of the image. But then over it, it says reply so now, I know I could only see the image for a quick second. Now, I can't see it now. Gives me to reply or not. Okay. So could you see what it was though, you only saw the image for a second. But could you make the dog in the picture wait now? Hang on a screwed it up. All right. Send it again. Here we go coming through. Right. I don't usually have my my notification set up like this on this computer because I don't like seeing things pop up on my screen when I'm working and coming through. All right. Let's see by there is okay now, I can see the image. Now the notifications done. So he said it only stays up there. They slide on the screen, and they disappear. Two seconds later. That's correct. I think there's another setting where it won't go away automatically like that. But he must know for sure that this is how it was that up. I guess because if that's the setup it's really hard to get a good look. Senate one more time. Let me here we go. That was tough. I'll send a picture of my hand. Okay. Let's see if you can make out that it's a hand. Well, you told me so now I kinda now said I shouldn't have said anything surprise you. And what is that? Okay. Maybe we'll do that next. Let's see coming through. All right. It's.

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