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Without fear or favor in context and perspective to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We were endless hours to make sure that when we deliver it to you is fact, it's a fact Shepard Smith on Fox News channel, real news. Real honest opinion. But a multiple shooting in a home in Johnston county, North Carolina, that's just south of Raleigh. Located for victims had been shot. Three of the victims of have died of gunshot wounds sheriff's chief deputy veggie Gaddis who says a fourth person was shot and seriously wounded they're looking for the suspected gunman who they say fled in a pickup truck acting attorney. General Matt Whitaker says he will consult with Justice department. Ethics officials about matters that may warrant recusals amid pressure from Democrats that he step aside from overseeing the special counsel investigation into alleged Russian election interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election. The acting attorney general says he's fully committed to following all the appropriate processes and procedures, including with senior consulting with senior ethics officials about his oversight responsibilities in the matter, the comics world has lost a giants marvel co-founders STAN Lee rush to LA hospital on Monday. But he died there in the business. It's. Nineteen thirty nine Lee had a hand in spider man, the x men and scores of other animated superheroes Stanley was ninety five an actor who made artificial intelligence scary before most people knew what it was has died. He was best known for giving voice to the devious. Computer, Hal Stanley Kubrick's nineteen sixty eight movie classic two thousand one A Space Odyssey. I'm sorry..

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