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The night for brown one of four thrown by bed riley burger yet very much so right up against the helmet there's pittsburgh improves the eight eytan two with a forty two seventeen win over the six and four titans brown caught ten balls for a buck 44 the steelers defense picked off marcus maryoto fourtime sacked him fivetimes all the talk about thursday night games and opposition to it from star players rothlisberger included mike tomlin not having any of this an honor to play on primetime television us in orlando to play in fall river football fans are internationally a our guys take it as such international what yeah well i agree with just give the week off before right exactly and then it would be i would imagine the guys from tennessee don't feel the same way not so much of course not they lost suck it as you would searching nato i don't really i said you screen on this regard now usually screaming that's been roethlisberger did mike thursday if a body ended reviewed of bother him to michael as night at the no he was rallying against that during the that's why it seems like to be labelled valued thought alan cooke all those players at now are victims yeah no casero victims now and flayed quite well they went nohuddle extensively thirty of forty five to ninety nine the four scores and apparently felt like he had to silence him critic law been married of me not caring or whatever guys bassala local or the national media stafan nothing further from the truth that i missed the point all down a lot about not caring which is calling dragged i've known as i have loaded with retirement where was this we as as it's almost you do showtime's inside the nfl he nfl today on cbs has anybody ever said that he doesn't care nobody's ever said that it was dramatic thing that anybody as ever sanding dan.

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