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The M. seven ninety cave eight to Larry o'connor and I've my very good friend and well he's your friend too you know well Kurt Schlichter he's on KBC all the time today we're talking about slicker and shown at his law firm they should be your go to lawyer to help you with your business and individual needs Kurt what kind of cases do you generally handle I handle cases of all types did face small business people maybe they've gotten sued maybe they need to sue somebody or at least collected debt maybe they have employees who come after him with a waging our claim it's a mine field out there for a small businessman we help get you through it what about family law or personal issues to people sometimes make you there go to family attorney we get a lot of individual people who rely on us but not every case is right for us if the case isn't right for us chances are I've gone up against a lawyer who I respect who it may be right for I'll help you up there you go Kurt Schlichter cell number three one oh four to one nineteen seventy six check it out give him a call and hopefully you'll get Kurt Schlichter on your side for your next legal battle Hey it's Larry o'connor and I got my good friend in studio today he's in studio a lot because he fills in for me and you know him as one of our favorite guest Kurt Schlichter of slicker in shown act Kurt you've been in business for over twenty years and you handle issues for individuals and businesses and you even give clients your personal cell phone number that's astounding why do you do that when you're doing legal work you're working with people whose lives are on the line this is a company that you sweated for the chip built out and nothing and you know people get worried I get calls at eleven o'clock at night from clients asking Kerr what's going to happen and I take those calls on my personal cell number how could figure shown it helps small businesses small businesses have a lot of different needs sometimes they get sued somebody comes in and hands the legal papers other times they have a debt that needs collecting we can help with anything including forming new business there you go Kurt Schlichter cell number three one oh four to one nineteen seventy six check it out give him a call and hopefully you'll get Kurt Schlichter on your side for your next legal battle and don't touch your eyes don't touch your face and don't touch that dial flexing his muscles and telling the truth do you go next HM seven ninety KABC welcome back to the bench you want to talk about more ridiculous sort of woke scolding people seeking to be offended at this point get offense has become a virtue if you take offense at a thing you're not virtuous hero pose over the Washington post get the full front page splash and three thousand words as you were offended by a Halloween party in two thousand eighteen slow clap for you Martin Luther king and Rosa Parks well done well then you're welcome that's really stood up to true American prejudice by calling out a lady who didn't know from two years ago at a Washington post editorial cartoonist party amazing amazing stuff well looking for his merit badge of offended this is Tim gray comes from variety ten problematic films that could use warning labels are we now need more warning labels we need trigger warnings number that time when I stop by trigger warnings micrograph ins on the show and my college features but that's not going to enter the real world these young people they're gonna get out there and then the real words in it the real world's gonna hit a hard bro the real world's going to change and then they're gonna come face to face with reality and then it turned out that reality can face to face with what's called and ran in the new reality is more offended you are the more virtuous you are so find your find something that offends you and you too can be initiated into the walk ins the woke priesthood where you can read about the entrails of your enemies and spoil it and just spread them on the ground and read the auspices is there's a piece of writing it's not enough to go after gone with the wind instead they have now a list of ten problematic films that could use warning labels all films should be viewed with a critical eye says this column is that doesn't mean banning them these phones represent here in which they are made it's important remember history so we don't repeat those things but here are ten films that need to be present with disclaimers and discussions before and after entering the screening thirty hearing from nineteen seventy one lieutenant Harry Callahan of the San Francisco police department is determined to uphold the law even if you have to break the rules it started craze for movies that maverick crop top to get the job done by following their instincts rather than the law the film marks liberal judges into gutters and a villain claims police brutality planting the seed that other such charges are fake moves to get sympathy and one of the things that that they're not going to mention is the Dirty Harry was an extraordinarily popular movie because it came in this one of the great crime waves in American history beginning in the mid sixties and culminating in nineteen ninety four thirty it was a direct reactionary response to the fact criminality is being allowed to run wild I left that's what they're here it was twice as popular same thing with the movie death wish that both those movies are very popular because they were actually responding to the ridiculousness of the left taking over taking over the offseason of law and order and destroying the forest peril is bad for something very bad first name was made by intelligent people won six Oscars and is beloved by many well the film is condescending to anyone with a disability Vietnam vets and people with aids among others it's actually hostile to protesters activists in the counter culture as a bonus level title character Nathan Bedford Forrest was named after his grandfather the first grand wizard of the KKK the forest Gump is canceled Indiana Jones and the temple of doom are we yes every video Johnson temple of doom because exotic villains are portrayed as primitive and bloodthirsty foreigners resulting in negative and stereotypical depictions of India and Hindu customs I am pretty sure that anybody watch temple didn't go away thinking I feel like all Hindus just like rip hearts out of chest it's natural temple called like what what what he does apparently me before you needs to be done away with me before you because it's really insensitive because it's a romance about a man who becomes paralyzed after an accident falls in love with his new companion and he urges her to live her life to the fullest instead of living half a life with him to kill himself presenting.

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