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To just before twenty six looking now at your real time travel times sales of federal way is sitting at twenty three minutes Redmond to Seattle twenty minutes and Seattle too is a quiet eighteen minutes this report is brought to you by the emerald queen casino bringing you the best in live music comedy and dining entertainment and gaming coming soon the all new emerald queen casino and fell at emerald queen dot com the emerald queen casino the entertainment capital of the northwest I Miley Katie with Kyra radio real time traffic hardly out of Wilcox farms talking to her grandpa is it true you rode your bike all the way across the country I sure did from Los Angeles to Boston going across a couple of mountain ranges and going across a lot of states and slow scheme of lunch last year yes your grandma nice ski fifty five days last year and this year will probably do more wow how old are you again not as old as my agent how do you do it I bet you read a lot of dates we sure do we stay active and eat very healthy always choosing to make it three aches for all the healthy benefits like strong healthy joints and heart exactly but it's hardly could you do me a favor sure talk to your dad about give me a family discount on the Wilcox will make it three eight consider it done love you grandpa let me into hardly find fresh local free range Wilcox making three eight I your neighborhood cosco it all comes down to this the Sunday night the hawks will battle the forty Niners in a week seventeen showdown winner takes the NFC west by twenty PM pregame coverage starting at two on Cairo rating ninety seven three affect your Seahawks join the Seattle symphony December twenty eighth through January fifth for a dazzling double bill of the four seasons featuring beautifully contrasting versions by Antonio Vivaldi Astor Piazzolla first the orchestra brings you the passionate rhythm of Argentina with Pete solos tango inspired work the four seasons of went outside travel on to Italy's lyrical baroque era with all these be love it and instantly.

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