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If it wasn't for jose canseco. I think she might be the saddest story alive. But jose until he's dead is going to have background. Jose is sad but he was scumbag. I don't find it sad. He's a piece of fucking shit. Yeah he's a piece of dr it is it is. It is very stunning. We didn't have morality clause for probably the person most essay from reality. Komo's immoral of all the world. Yeah i guess it was like half up front half to show up and you figure if you show up i guess they figured arena and really that's the thing you want to be a fucking scumbag and take a dive. whatever but just do it like if he did it. Twenty seconds later people would have been like it was a first round knockout. Or whatever. Wade's we actually got hit got. Yeah take one punch from building. One shot to the head in like sixteen ounce gloves. It's not gonna kill you unless she's at the resent hits you. You could fuck it. Swing dude he he. He's i was watching a boxing match. Was the it's guys. I mean he was see. He looked like his game. Let him swing. So i don't know if you could hear it because it was pretty lower you watching but dave he likes so for rough and rowdy there was this guy at the rosette fighting s he is like was like the superstar on the rough and rowdy circuit. So in the first round add comes out flying and like stunned a couple times and then then was doing the hands behind the back. Cocky and dave. What are you doing shoes at like you had him. You had i eat as like you blew. That was the time to strike. And i was sitting at home being like judging by that first round i think as a okay i think he's i think he knows exactly what he's doing. He's fucking taunting him. And running up the score and he'll be okay and then he came out in the second with. I mean that was one of the most vicious and you know the other knockout that we always run with the mouthguard goes flying. That's all that. So i mean that dude is just like the knockout king. He knocked that dude out your ass and had one of the coolest celebrations ever. Did you see like the wages. Look to the camera. no. I'm gonna call you like clocks. No hands up no like jumping up on the ropes like you know they jump up on top of the cage and he was so confident in new. It turns to the camera. That spider was holding any just like no emotion. No reaction just like told you that was going to happen. That's the best. That's the best way to do. And great all i love mcgregor level. That and this person isn't real. But tom hardy. And warriors like my favorite. I'm jay anything. I don't have a fucking entourage with me. I don't have a fucking jackie. I don't have walkout music..

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