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Center, check it out at breakpoint dot org. Thanks for listening to the break point podcast. Well, let me go to the other thing that I think is encouraging sign, and and I was actually encouraged by the Atlantic piece of there isn't Atlantic video kind of peace on my Larose and really live action. But really it was you as the face of this kind of young movement. And I think it was almost I mean, I sound like you just kind of popped on the scene. But it was almost like here you have this. Left-of-centre publication. Speaking mostly pro abortion advocates. That's suddenly coming to the realization like pro-life is normal. I I don't want to say normal. I mean, you know, they still, you know, said, you know, the line from Planned Parenthood that your videos are doctored. And so on especially the expose videos on them. But there is I guess there was a tone of respect Lila that I saw this Atlantic peace, or at least a in acknowledgement that you are a formidable foe in that people like you exist in whereas I think in the past even five seven years ago people like you activists young activists pro life people where the extremist, you know, the, and they were only talked about as the extremists. And it seemed like there was at least a recognition that pro-life is a little bit more mainstream than has been admitted in the past and the Atlantic pieces just one example of that. And again on that saying everything's hunky Dory. I'm not saying they did miss. Represent your videos. I'm not saying any of that. But I am I overstating that kind of try to do these kind of moments of cultural now uscis that I think are important in this Atlantic piece to me was really interesting and really important just because it was almost like Lila exist people like careers issed. And this matters. This is a force to be reckoned with him. What was your take on it? Yeah. I agree with you, John. I think in a one of our goals at live action is to mainstream the pro-life position in the pro-life mindset, which can lead to pro-life behavior. So one of our, you know, our jobs is to mainstream the reality that abortion is disgusting. It's a human rights violation. And we have to do better than that for women kids in families. And I think the Atlantic Kennesaw that we were doing that. And that we have been doing that, you know, we have a long ways to go, but we've made some big strides towards that us and the rest of the pro-life movement and also other cultural trends that are happening which we could talk separately about, but I think they'd Lennick acknowledge that and we're also really strategic. We try to be really. Strategic and when they interviewed me, you know, we gave them several hours of time. They followed me to different events and a lot of time interviewing man, it's a matter of just being very mindful about how we present the truth. You know, I think as activists would get really passionate really excited, but it's really sticking to the reality of what abortion is what it's doing a child what it's doing to women. So I think it was a twofold thing first of all that's a reality that pro-life is being mainstreamed more and more people are accepting it as inacceptable position in in respecting the position. And then also because I think the Atlantic when they interviewed us we were very thoughtful about how we interacted with them and how we represented the pro life position. And I think that combination made a largely favorable or positive piece. I mean, I thought there could have been improvements, of course. But you know, we were glad that we took the time to talk with them will invoke. I think the the increasing professionalism that they respected in that piece of your organization. Lila is reflective. Of a growing professionalism. I'm like, you I speak at a lot of pregnancy care center banquets and not all pregnancy care centers are created equal, certainly. But there is a a market elevation in the level of professionally in the services that are offered in the innovative kind of thinking in the creative ways that they serve their clients at that. I think that the the movement has matured, and I think that's a really good sign. What look we got just a few minutes left, and maybe just one or two more questions, and I want to jump quickly to the political side of things because obviously with the the reworking of the supreme court, we now have a pro-life or what we think is a pro-life supreme court. You know for the first time in recent memory at the same time. We obviously have a a Khan at least, you know, house that is going to put forward, you know, continue to put forward a congressional funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. I was one of the ones very frustrated. Let one of my congressman know that last year when we had a Republican. House. Republican Senate Republican president Planned Parenthood still got five hundred million dollars a federal funding. So there's just a lot going on on the political landscape. Some of it's good some of it's bad and just a couple of sentences. Lila, what's your take? Where are we politically? What can we look at and two thousand nineteen what can we expect to come out of at least policy and an abortion share? I mean, it's terrible. The GOP did not accomplish defunding Planned Parenthood. They did a couple little things like reverse Mexico City policy. They said they would propose a new rule to title, tennis or funding stream that would defend a little bit of the money. But look it hasn't happened yet. So really disappointed. I think that has to do with the fact of GOP leadership, I think it's really dysfunctional. I think that politics is a game of inertia, you know, we've been funding Planned Parenthood for thirty plus years, so undoing not is like a colossal task. And I think that the product movement has to just keep the pressure on. That's what live action is gonna do. And then we're considering getting directly involved in some elections. I know some other groups are gonna. Be doing the same because we need to show that if you campaign on defunding Planned Parenthood, and you do not get to office and make sure it happens. Then we're going to vote you out. We're gonna vote you out. So I think pro-life movement has to keep growing and get more hard core when it comes to fighting the political site to be treated with respect by the GOP. And I think that Democrats who are pro-life need to stand up to their party because it's insane that the Democratic Party makes abortion on demand this golden calf. And in need that needs to stop as well. Look, I I appreciate you saying that I mean, honestly as a as a Republican, it's it feels like the abortion issue. I mean, it's like Lucy and the football and we keep running up in kicking it, right? When it gets pulled away. And I agree. I think we have to become more intentional on this. We've we've got to actually say look if you promise if you run on that if you tell us you're going to defend Planned Parenthood. You've actually got to do it. And look at the DNC even has hoped to to rollback, its alternate commitment to abortion rights at any stage for any reason that would be a huge win if they wrote a back at all. I mean, they've been so committed to it. They have an annual celebration at the convention. Whenever abortion is mentioned. So I think in underscores Lila, you know, that look this if Roe v Wade does get overturn at the supreme court, which I think I notice you didn't make that prediction. And I and I think you're you're right at at best it might get pushed back to the states. But this isn't alternately something that's going to be one through politics alone. If we wanna see the go happen of abortion being not just legal, but on thinkable off the cultural landscape put into the waste bin of history. Like slavery in some of the other grave evils, the holocaust. And so on it's it's not just going to be a political set of actions. That makes that happen isn't right? I think it's both. I think we have to do both. I mean live action focuses primarily on education. But I do think the movement needs in live actions considering getting involved with this a really robust, you know, gonna go kick some, you know, butt kicking pardon the language, but some some that's really gonna go and and make the GOP pay attention. That's gonna need. It's gonna take. Money. It's gonna take grassroots mobilization. But I think it can be done. But I think either way whether we reverse row or not we have to fight the state battle. We have to fight the culture battle and those are two battles that we are fighting in earnest today. So I don't put all my chips on roving reverse. Although I believe it will be I do think that that will happen. I am happy with some of the president's appointments to the supreme court. I think that the, you know, his last appointment I have questions about I was really concerned with, you know, judge Kavanagh's court judge Cavanaugh refusing to hear the Planned Parenthood funding case last month. He sided with the pro-aborts on the court. So that was really disappointing. But you know, I'm hopeful that that will change anyways with other appointments to the court like if we get Amy Conan Barrett that being said like you just said, John, it's a cultural battle at its heart. We have to change hearts and minds. We have to get people connected with the resources they need, and I see that happening. So I'm really excited to continue to grow echo your command. Please give us Amy Amy on the soup. In court. Yeah. That was my first choice as well. Well, my guest today on the break point podcast has been Lila rose, speaker writer human rights, activists the founder and president of live action really one of the most effective. I think pro-life activists that we've seen in the last decade, especially in exposing Planned Parenthood and immobilizing younger generation to care about this issue of abortion. And this is the week that our nation is dominated by pro-life us pro-life arguments. The March for life is this weekend. January the eighteenth. It's going to be interesting. It's going to be followed the next day by the women's March, which of course, the women's March has basically been overtaken by pro-abortion agenda. That's going to be interesting to see that those things are back to back. But it look at the pro life issue is not just an issue to be championed by the quote, unquote, professionals we talked to the professional so that all of us can protect the most innocent among us in whatever capacity that we have come to breakpoint dot org. Click on the link there on the homepage is has resources mentioned on the raid. Uh-huh. And podcast will link you to various resources and videos from Lila rose and my action while also link you to a terrific little devotional. Call twenty one days of prayer for life, which walked you through twenty one days of praying against abortion for the victims of abortion. And at the same time trains you in pro-life apologetic. Again, that's a free. Download come to breakpoint dot org. Lila, it's always good to talk to you. Got speed a new in live action in two thousand nineteen and thanks for joining us on the breakpoint podcast ANC found much John. Thanks for having me. Thanks for listening to the break point podcast and be sure to visit breakpoint dot org. For more information on a one year subscription to world magazine with your next donation to break point and the Colson center.

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