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Shamefully. They need our help. This is a one billion dollar tax increase. Everybody needs to wake up. This is a tax increase on small businesses but governor and other backers of this that they have to be some tough choices made right now in this point. Illuminate cannot afford to give additional tax breaks to business when we're talking about taxing businesses out of existence that's a bit of an overage h me and i'll take to the bill The bill this is a this is a deficit increase if we don't pass bets decisions in the hundred second general assembly are not going to be easy. This makes balancing the budget much more palatable circumstance for our constituents but it was not just republicans who were not on board. Democrats have more than enough members to be able to pass any bill without even legal. Gop vote and that decoupling plan. Well it did not have enough support to pass. It was among many measures. That didn't get their way to governor. Gb printers either for lack of support or for lack of time and now includes for example in elected school board for chicago public schools anything to do with essex and also something that would have allowed the general assembly to not have to go for such a long stretch without needing again. Did talk about it. Nobil on the way to governor. Gb predators desk that would allow legislators to meet remotely say over zoom so from springfield. Back to you perez. A man a lot on the agenda there. Thank you so much. And last summer we visited one of chicago's more historic neighborhoods but that same neighborhood. His face challenges of economic depression and unemployment violence. And of course the pandemic for this week. Stop in are in your neighborhood series. Brandis friedman and producer quinn myers traveled back to north lonsdale to find out how the community is faring. Eleven months into the pandemic andbranch join us from an area. That's gotten a lot of attention in the last year. Tell us about that. Yeah that's right paris. We wanted to go ahead and spotlight one of the successes of this community right away. We were standing in douglas park. Which until last year had been named for stephen douglas he wasn't illinois leads legislator but in illinois politician who was who profited off of the slave trade in the eighteen hundreds well a campaign from the community led by students at village leadership academy it led the city's park district to rename. This park for abolitionist frederick. Douglass the village leadership academy students afro futurist because right before the pandemic we went to hearing For them to talk about it and there was like no they they weren't receptive to it at all and they have been there a number of times but seeing everything that happened after the death of george floyd and the response in the cities all over the country and then to see the change it would like it was really emotional for me to to watch that last hearing now that last hearing referring tubes in july when the chicago park district board unanimously. Agreed to change. The park's name after that year's long effort led by students and the community power says because the signs reflecting the parks name-change were just.

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