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For you and your baby right away if something goes wrong i'm dr chevonne dolan of the march of dimes generally speaking the stamp collecting report i'm loyd diversities with a one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the civil war drawing to a close the us will end its stamp series with two more one commemorates the battle of five forks which sealed the confederacy fate and the other the surrender of apple matic's the civil wars major players have been noted postively many times even jefferson davis the president of the confederacy was honoured twenty years ago before this year roberty lee had been on five us postage stamps ulysses grant twice as many but grad also appears on a large number of revenue stabs particularly for tobacco products is first stamp appeared five years after his death while lee was an honored by the country fought against until ninety gene 57 although he is on an earlier stamp for washington and lee university the hero the battle of five forks was general phil sheridan he's only been on one other us stamp almost eighty years ago and that stamp collecting this week i'm annoyed the worries cbs news this is neil chayet looking at the law how about when you decide to take your case to the us supreme court literally the dc court of appeals has just ruled unanimously the demonstrators cannot use the us supreme court outdoor plaza to deliver their messages herald was arrested for standing in the plaza wearing a sign that read the us government allows police to illegally murder and brutalise africanamerican and hispanic people federal law establishes a buffer zone around the court in violation carries a fine or imprisonment for sixty days although charges against howard were eventually dropped he sued anyway claiming the law prevented from exercising his constitutional tuesday the right to picket sing and make speeches a lower court actually agree with harrell but the appeals court reverse pointing out that while harold and others can demonstrate on the adjacent sidewalk or even at the us capitol the supreme court plaza is off limits as is the jefferson memorial harold can exercise his right to appeal to the supreme court probably an exercise in futility but then again you never know this is neil chayet looking at the law for cbs news and for.

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