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Thank you for stopping Levi. If this is your first time listening to podcast please get over there and banging that subscribe button you do not want to miss all the action that is coming your way right here on First-class Fatherhood Alright right dads. I have a great guests to bring you guys to kick off. What is an incredible week of content coming your way Chris. Norton was paralyzed playing football doctors gave him a less than three percent chance of ever walking walking again but that was unacceptable to Chris and the video of him walking down the aisle of his wedding which was featured by people magazine has been viewed over three hundred million times talk about some Monday they motivation Chris Norton will be here with me and just a few minutes so please stick around for the interview tomorrow on the show is a UFC legend known as the Immortal Matt Brown will be here with me and Wednesday. I have a very special guest very warrior. Wednesday podcast night stalker pilot Mike Durant will be joining me here and if you have ever seen the movie Black Hawk Down Mike Durant was flying the Blackhawk walk helicopter known as Super Six four which was shot down by an RPG. Mike was taken hostage for eleven days. His story is unbelievable and it is such an honor for me to have a few minutes of his time to talk about fatherhood and family life Thursday. We're going back to the Gridiron with eleven year. NFL veteran wide receiver T J Hassanzadeh and Friday. We're going to have a frogman Friday edition of the show former Navy Seal Chris Gomez joins me so lock it in for a full week of action here and I'm often asked by a lot of you guys what was the big turnaround in my life and while it's several things one of the major changes that I made was going from a mindset of wanting more which is coming from a lack of mentality to a mindset of gratitude which is coming from a place of abundance mentality Paletti and that shift has completely changed the way that I view the world and having the ability to speak with some amazing guys like today's guests Chris. Norton really puts a lot of that into perspective. It's like the old adage adage I felt sorry because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet and I think I had a habit of taking so much for granted as if I did something to deserve the right to walk or to see and hear as if I earned these things but the truth is they are gift and they are all gifts which I am very grateful for. I wake up every morning as if it's Christmas Day I am blessed with all of the gifts that I have been given and and you're about to hear from a man who is grateful for every step that he takes not only that he is a man who was giving himself to others as a source of motivation historians inspiring so let's get into it. Don't forget to follow me on instagram. Alec underscore lays to catch up with all the latest guests announcements and make sure you tell every father India neighborhood or in your contact list about the show that is celebrating rating fatherhood and Family Life Fatherhood rocks family values rule and every day Fathers Day right here with me so let's.

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