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Today now accepting donations of land homes buildings or any kind of real estate Good morning it's 8 18 Traffic and weather on the 8th year let's take you back to Jack and the traffic center That beltway delay in Virginia coming out of Springfield on the inner loop riding up toward Braddock wrote in two 36 getting their I 95 northbound had been slow in woodbridge then just a little bit of heavy traffic through lord and toward newington Slowing in the Springfield interchange to go north on to three 95 the delay remains in the main lineup toward king street then again crowded across the 14th but should find lanes open super slow traffic south on the George Washington Parkway again we have the work going in on the Roosevelt bridge You got the two right lanes getting by with the long-term work the left side's tied up both directions causing a big delay this morning inbound and we may have avoidance traffic that was trying to get south on the GW Parkway past the exit for the key and Roosevelt headed down maybe toward the memorial bridge You'll find the beltway looks good up in tysons and mcclain no early worries there The prince George's county stretch of the beltway should be okay There have been word of a crash on the inner loop near route one but no delay and you're looking good The rest of the ride hit it all the way down toward landover through joint base Andrews down toward the Wilson bridge Top side out of loop you got some slowing 95 over toward George avenue two 70 and off and on delay in urbana then again in Germantown toward Montgomery village avenue There was an earlier reckon upper Marlboro on one northbound after route four I believe that has cleared there's absolutely no delay with it You're also still in good shape across the bay bridge at all three lanes coming back west two lanes going back east pound We may not have any work today but we'll keep an eye on it Riding into the district slowly D.C. two 95 south eastern avenue toward east capitol street a delayed building coming off the 11th street bridge headed onto the westbound freeway riding toward the exit to go north in the third street tunnel Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Mike Steiner Fred we've got some rain headed our way We do That's really on radar Yeah there's some precipitation back in West Virginia And some are still seeing a little sunshine this morning but as the morning goes on skies will cloud.

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