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The hamas and the palestinian crap that this is that israel was erland not ireland what happened let me let me ask this question what happened to the jews that have lived thousands of years in arab countries what happened to their populations in those countries in the just in the nineteen hundreds they didn't completely for the most of ninety five percent of the jews have been forced to leave those countries forced out of them their properties were seized their their possessions were seized and they were sentenced refugees out of the country total of close to a million jews just in the early nineteen forties and nineteen fifties with the state of israel and they were all absorbed into the state and they're no longer considered refugees and they didn't get any compensation and they are not allowed to get their homes back or anything like that and what did they do the synagogues in those countries they they come they they destroyed them they turn them into government buildings or places that were were you know the stables and things like that but you know they they didn't they didn't they they didn't allow the jews to take anything how long how long before islam was was invented by mohammad were jews living in these countries islam is only from the seventh century mohammed was in the early six hundred seven century jews have been in those countries all we were temple was destroyed in the year seventy so we you know we were sent out in exile we've been in those countries for hundreds probably five to seven hundred years before islam even begin well bring it back to the present did israel just wreak terror groups a new one more than israel has done in years in cooperation with the trump administration to these guys feel some pain row after what they tried to right right so that's what i really wanted to talk about life friday last friday night here down to somewhere between eighty two hundred missiles mortar started raining down on sabbath to on the sabbath on the sabbath and israel responded by sending in the afc israeli air force into central and northern gaza and really bombed the heck out of hamas and they were they were.

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