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Marquez Marquez's here and today I. Have the privilege of Hosting Lester Morales. He is a true consultant in the human capital and employee benefits arena, and currently serves as CEO of next impact. LLC focused on innovation and changing the status quo. Next impact is a full service employee benefits and Human Resources Marketing and consulting company committed to helping other companies grow and add value to their clients before he. He founded next impact. He Co founded in Selah, a benefits administration company focused on helping advisors support their clients with ACA compliance prior to becoming an entrepreneur, lester serve nearly three years as executive vice president and chief growth officer for Willis's human capital practice, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world in this role Lester lead over two hundred producers consultants in forty plus offices as part of a three, hundred and fifty. Fifty Million Dollar Practice Willis. A single largest practice in North America during a previous eight year stint at Willis Lester, was consistently among the top five consultants nationally between those assignments Lester served as national vice president of sales for Health Stat orlean provider of worksite clinics and disease management services. Leicester's thought later in the benefit space, and I had just the opportunity to connect with them before this and his passion for making healthcare. Healthcare more equitable employers and the employees is palpable He's he's. He's all in and I'm privileged to have them here on the podcast today, Lester, really looking forward to our discussion, they have. We should have nothing to be here -absolutely so lester before we dive into what you guys do at next impact and the quote here on the front of your site. starbucks spends more on healthcare than they do on coffee wow. Right we're going to dive into that and what your you and your team is doing to help. Prevent that or turn it around to something more sustainable. Tell us a little bit about what inspires your work in healthcare. Yeah, yeah, you know most people that end up in the insurance advisory space. While into it's the Mine is I'm doing this on purpose. I have a very stinks. Why unfortunately I have been a product health care insurance employee benefits when I was sixteen years old. My Dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma for you. Listeners that don't know what that is. That's cute of your bone marrow. So I was sixteen got diagnosed found out San France Limo radiation several years back baffled. That's. Unfortunately ends up being that me. Combat statistics so sixty two's. Depending on which report you live, read out personal bankruptcy puzzle medical reasons while unfortunately we were part of that statistics are my parents had to file bankruptcy? In order to make ends meet the rent in worse yet. It's interesting about that is they've got health insurance? both employer based insurance, but you know we're in an out of pocket mass along as Hand Fifteen, twenty, two thousand a year for family. You know you do that. Do three years in a row. How many families have extra thirty forty fifty thousand dollars sitting? There Bang you. You know when you're trying to send your kid baseball camp. You get on the new pair of Jordan. Then all the thing that wonderful parents which I had you know to water? Parents did Zach I mean down the road of of Yao, interest in and understanding vow health insurance, but it also makes you understand how they're using the system is and and that although you got insurance, although theoretically that insurance is supposed to be there to supporting how it was, it was really more of a hoop jumper, and you know an obstacle alone commerce so. Back, down the field, and then the last part of really what what drives me and my? Why unfortunately I'm a big I'm a big. Momma's boy is most Latin. Men Are. A BIG MOMMA's boy. Unfortunately in two thousand fourteen moms diagnose pancreatic cancer and she passed away August. Eleven thousand seventeen, so man I'll tell you I get up every day fired up to fights for changing because I have seen that you most important. Pete in my life away from cancer the amount of money we spent the amount of confusion. The amount of just uncertainty and Hoots Jeff Junk mail system just makes sense air, and so that's that's what we get. Get up every morning

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