#EERS S9 Ep106: A Desperate DA Indicts the Police - burst 15


Today a higher than usual number of Atlanta police officers failed to show up for work Wednesday night hours after the. The district attorney announced criminal charges for two accused police officers in the death of Ratio Brooks the department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift The Atlanta police said we have enough resources to maintain operations and remain able to respond to incidents on Wednesday he. Paul Howard announced the charges. One of the two Garrett. Ralph was fired. The other Devon Brosnan was placed on administrative duty. Neither Atlanta Police Nori Local Union representative confirmed the number of officers involved. Vince champion Southeast Regional Director for the International Brotherhood of police officers told the AJC he could not confirm which police owns were impacted I was told it was east. east Atlanta in Buckhead. Were the ones most impacted? Atlanta's mayor said morale is is obviously down within the police department and no kidding. This is political grandstanding. Listen I have entertained people who have called this program and said you know. I saw the video, and if I were the offshore, I would have done something different, but you know what you weren't the officer. You didn't go through the training. You're not even a police officer. I'm not going to second. Guess Him. You know the difference between this and the George fluid situation. This all happened within a minute. With George. Floyd there were eight minutes and forty six seconds of a knee on his his neck where that officer could have thought Maybe I should do something different here. You've got less than a minute there. Forty minutes of calm and all hell breaks loose and less than a minute, Rashard brooks dead. Should, he be dead? No. Could they've done something different probably, but I wasn't there. I was the police officer I. Don't have the training I wasn't there I didn't experience it I'm not going to second guess them.

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