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So I up. As I mentioned the top of the show, the gorilla collective was live all weekend long. They had multiple streams. Dev Interviews. Did you guys catch any of the press conference stuff? That was happening this weekend and blame. Mostly. Just been looking at the headlines like checking out the games that have been interesting me but I did see the one that stuck out to me. The most assists shot coming back. I guess in HD rerelease. This has been in the works for quite some time. It went dark for a while. They put the project on hiatus, and we didn't hear from it and then boom. It's back now I. Think Two thousand eighteen is when they put the project on hiatus, and it's crazy to think that. Maybe we're just like old gamers, but Shaq is something that a lot of people don't even know what it is or that it existed in the first place. It's like the predecessor of bioshock. Right I mean that's. A huge game, but are they doing like a totally different engine, or is it Kinda like halo thing where you can click a button up rises. I'm curious. How indepth. How much of a Redo this thing is! We work in video games and should know the answer. Why you're putting us on the spot like that, so sorry but. I will go to the Google machine if I could find out. The details about everything that is coming in the system shock. Really well. She which on Google Machine I have a few highlights of my own that I'd like to talk about. Yeah, go number and I don't know what press conferences these came during because there was like a million this weekend. That's the lights and exaggeration. There was the PC gaming show the future gaming show, and then the girl collective. Anyway, the first one is that percent persona for bolden is coming to steam, which I think is very very exciting. Are there any percents fans on this stream right now blamed Chris or you know I don't play per now you don't. That's been to the locations in Japan. Apparently, you know that's marvelous. That's. That's cool. New apparently. That's actually not true because I've actually played percentage trying to throw you bone, but it was oh long. Apologies this is really exciting. Because this was a vita exclusive, and this is actually my first person and a game, so if you have not played it, it's currently twenty dollars on seem I wish it would come to console. That'd be amazing, but it's really good if you like personify of absolutely checkout percent of four. let's see, and then there was a game called gory. That was announced, and it's described as the following come hang out with frank. The razor-sharp Hover Board in chip, the depressed modular AI, that's constantly complaining as wipe out hordes of cuddling and horrible toys, all plan is gory, the most adorable and bad cat in the world, so you play us this like Realistic Orange Tabby and you're on a spaceship, and then you're on a hover board, and then you're taking out stuff. UNICORNS somehow have blood in them I. don't understand it. I don't understand it, but I'm definitely intrigued by spelled G. O. R., I. And Andrea immediately thought of you because it's a cat. I appreciate that being the defacto Cat Lady of what's good Games, but I sound a little bit too off the wall for me I. Don't know how I feel about I. Think you'll like. Check it out. It sounds like conquers bad for day or something like that, or it's like a cute thing that's also really violent and gruesome and yeah. Yeah, I don't look at it. I think there's neon lights and rock music. It's kind of. Really, good personally and then my true love to Vinita. Divinity original sin. You got some New Deal C. which is incredibly exciting. They got new. Armor new quest line in new boss fight, and there's also a prequel comic cannon coming in as well to the Larry in store so cool for me. No one else fucking cares, but that's okay. I don't think no one else care and I just think that you are the defacto Larry and fan girl, and that's okay most wrong with that. So I'm seeing that system shock. It looks like they're using unreal engine for and I figure. It was a kickstarter, but then I don't know. It's going be. Wasn't the Alpha Demo is now. Apparently you can play it currently. On steam or Gog? Bill, but looking very promising says Gamer. Yeah they crowd funded for one point. Three million dollars, promising to capture the original horror ROMP freshening it up. It's been a meandering journey though with night dive pausing development in two thousand, eighteen like I mentioned, and then starting over. Aches yeah, that's starting, not Greece. That's what it says. They just decided. We're going to start from scratch why not. Apparently Oh, yeah, here's a story back from March of two thousand eighteen systems shock remakes, direction expects released probably Q. One of twenty twenty ll. Didn't happen. But. Yeah, if you're in to system shock and you've been following that story, you can check out the Alpha. Demo

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