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Ever three three olympic competition yes three on three basketball mandates olympic debut in tokyo and while america's men failed to qualify. The women's team made up of wnba players. Stephanie dosen alicia gray. Jackie young and kelsey plum are now certified olympic gold medalists in a sport that is extraordinarily different from five on five. But not so different from what you might know from the playground because the game is played outside on a half court shots are one or two points and the games are just ten minutes long in fact my main complaint as laid out by justin peters a wise. Pc wrote for sleep. This week is that three actually. Isn't playground enough. Like why aren't the games. make it take it. Why can't the players call negotiate their own. Fouls peters also brilliant point here every single team. I agree should be forced to draft at least one player who just happened to be randomly wandering through the gym that day because the only way to guarantee the authentic pickup experience is to ensure the possibility that you might wind up checking a guy who refuses to take his ear pods out and also wearing jeans. Now you might say all of this is just a slippery slope towards olympic one on one and olympic knockout and honestly. Those are pretty.

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