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I. Heart Radio AB. Welcome to the final day of the year, Doesn't it feel good to say Kort News? Radio time is five o'clock April and Marty here box 31 pinpoint weather Sunny 45 Today with a low Tonight of 18. It'll be 37 in Denver. New Year's Day. Our top story here on Colorado's Morning news on this New Year's Eve, the more contagion covered 19 Varian, first discovered in Britain has been confirmed in Colorado and now in California in San Diego County. The announcement from Supervisor Nathan Fletcher's individual does in fact, have the U. K. Variant strain of covert 19, California, the second state to report a confirmed patient with the mutation of Cove in 19. Colorado, was the first that is a B C's Alex Stone. Here's what we know about the confirm Colorado case and a second suspected. One of these cases are Colorado National Guard personnel who were deployed to support staffing at the Good Samaritan Society Nursing Home in similar Colorado. That's an Elbert County state epidemiologist, Dr Rachel Herlihy. She says they have not detected an album. Make of that virus variant at the facility. However, the residents did have covert 19. Based on Colorado's covert 19 data, The governor says it's time to go from red down to orange. That's a piece of good news this morning, the governor says. With declining covert cases for about two weeks and just 73% of ICU beds and use he's asking the state Health Department to move red counties down Toe Orange on Monday. Under that level, indoor dining in restaurants is allowed and last call is at 10 P.m. instead of eight PM level orange Jim capacity goes to 25% under level red. It's only 10% Colorado's in the top five for all states per capita when it comes to administering the vaccine for covert 19. Now, the governor says, ready to move to a new phase of.

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