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Yep yep you would wanna put up enough so now that this would be a dream match up a lot of people's eyes gimme a dream matchup another rematch of any sport that you would love to see like now steph in lebron going one on one steph q too small i mean steph could shoot him though yeah but the broccoli and blob and get one rebound once it was won miss yeah i would like hazy and lady brown katie and the brown would be good katie lebron how about steph russ steel just bigger powerful i don't wanna see that yet but rescue and shoot he's good enough good ninety one of nine from three good enough that that wouldn't be a good matchup okay what about in any other sport but don't have to be individuals where it right because it couldn't be team sport because if you think like wide receiver in a corner okay here let's see healthy a healthy kershaw against aaron djinnit right right that'd be that that let's see that stanton right some guests somebody like that max scherzer four couple innings you got couple of bats you got forty you can pitch him forty pitches against him that corner wide receiver antonio brown versus who who's the best corner in the league right brown versus keep ta leap latimore maybe accent ville ramsay oh boo yeah he already took care of that though you did that voyles yeah yeah my kid that would be a good one.

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