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Trust you so much that you were like, hey, let's make a video. Yeah. Because that was in the 90s was when people started getting affordable home video cameras. Correct. And people were starting to film hunts and everybody was wanting to film their hunt. And so here you are undercover wildlife agent and you're like, hey, welcome. How I got him to do that was I had him film me first. You know what I'm saying? But you do the film. I want to be in front of the camera, you know, which is that what I wanted, you know. So we've done this several times, but on this particular day, we always narrated our hunt. And it was talking about it. He said, we had to do Kiki run today, because we bust them up in February or early March. And then we called back. We had these two turkeys and he goes, yeah, so we got two, and he was both Jake. He's holding them both up. Let's get out of here for the game we're going. And I'm thinking, where do you ain't got no idea? Hey, this is no joke. 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The my excuse for that one. I had a 10.2 river with a scope on it. And they said, welcome to you there. Nice. Don't crack right loud. And I said, got scoop one, and I'll shoot him in the head and he ate like a shotgun. But it also helped me miss Ethan. Which I did. Yeah. 'cause you heart with these guys for too long. You don't miss many birds with a shotgun. No, no. And if a bird comes in on your side, you know, shoot it. If it comes in on my side, not, don't shoot at it. Something wrong. With the shot again, your chance of hitting that. If you miss that bird, you know, more than once it's like, why is this guy missing this patronage? Exactly. So I used a 22 for that purpose was like missed what that hard to explain. And I did miss two top, but they never questioned me missing. It gave him a good excuse to miss. That's really pretty brilliant. And that's interesting because it sure seems like Brit Reeves misses a lot too. Anyway, the old 22 and the 22 mag used to be, I don't know if it is anymore. The poaching weapon of choice back in the day. So RT was even breaking the law by the type of gun he was using to kill illegal turkeys. Man, this dude was a bad poacher. But let's carry on with operation red bud. I have a question for him. De poachers get jealous? So you hunt with him for as many as 40 to 60 illegal hunts. Over in one spring. From February till turkey sleeves. I mean, y'all a hundred every day then. Yeah. And so you were just his buddy. You were his I wasn't even running around with no. You ditched this. Now did that hurt his feelings? I don't think so. I'd go back with him every once in a while with, but I mean. Didn't. It was a mentor as well. So it was kind of cool that you were hunting with the guy and they all both had this friend. And we all hit, yeah. And I hung out with. Which I did not hang out with. I hung out with in a whole different type of relationship. Again, RT is emphasizing that he didn't just hang out much with target one, but his relationship with target two was different and more personal. So, now RT has, let's just say around 50 documented illegal turkey kills with target number one and another 50 plus with target number two. So what's he gonna do now? They've got to shut these guys down and I want to hear about the actual bust. You now have all this evidence. You got video. You got your testimony against the guy. You got everything against this target subject. And

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