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Comic Tony Cascarino all right what is the sun king selection we have there all this killer Hey he's all all my brain Keller Hayes India pale ale this is twelve fluid ounces of nothing but happiness right here look at this is this I've had this before crack open some kings got some cheers by the way cheers well that's good man's got to get some citrus in there some pineapple some tropical fruit it's healthy it's a health drink yeah well I tell myself like an orange peel finish right I could drink this address I'm not denying that I had before I think what I think Keller Hayes is referring to somewhat of a it's it's called a color beer style Keller B. I. E. R. style a good German way of brewing beer with with no refrigeration technology and actually like kulit in caves while it matures so I so as not made from the attorneys of Keller make this is the there's that yeah I I don't know if that's the way sung Kang bruises or not but that's a rather obscure well with version of a killer beer styles you mean business and this is good again bear arms L. L. C. go to their website bear arms LLC dot net because if you're looking to buy a firearm they've got a great catalog with the pricing on there and they also have a freedom fast coming up this is July eleventh jul ten to four hundred Noblesville they're gonna have all kinds of like military trucks bounce house for the kids simulators virtual reality stuff so please check them out they take good care of us and it's owned by that so cheers to those guys man something different we're doing now if we're going to we've got another hour of the show left but we're going to take in a second here and hop on Facebook and do some more beer tasting right excuse for us to drink beer to commercial the B. W. I. B. C. Facebook page for doing this song okay W. I. B. C.'s Facebook page at all right do not go anywhere another hour of the hammer Nigel show coming up but jump over to W. I. B. C.'s Facebook I will drink some more beer together all right let's do this thing where after ten am five you can disregard a birthday of a friend faced all weekend.

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