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That was well done those quick. I've seen pit crews go slower than that. Well, I realized I was at the point is a little bit fun of the turn. I realize the point of the turn where you're supposed to go into the turn, and then apex turn and then come out wide as you exit and Mike car was parked at the exit. Yes, I'd ways at the exit and I knew there's a bunch of fast foods that were right behind me, and I was literally in the way now these guys are good drivers, and I'm not saying I would have been t-boned or clipped, but. You wanna avoid. You can show it again Pandak on the track team. Those guys passed me at one hundred miles an hour. Yeah, and I was not moving. Yeah, getting back onto the nobody raise. Nobody wants to get hit while you're not moving at one hundred miles an hour because you go through the speed trap like one sixteen. So now I'm wear. They're going to be. So I turned the wheel out way to get out of the way. And I don't want to spend any time there in case somebody does what I what I just did. So. All right, you got, but either way, I think your biggest biggest problem. Fear is sitting somewhere at zero miles an hour and having a guy hit you it one hundred miles an hour of a buddy of mine was what race he was doing, but he was he was driving formula car or something and spun off on the turn, and I don't know how are what he was thinking or spot or something said, go ahead and he's spun out and backed out onto the track and just got T-Bone just pieces everywhere. It was terrible. Well, we've all seen it. Everybody blamed him like, 'cause you're like, what are you doing? You never get back on track like that. Like you couldn't see where you're going, you're doing. You know, it's like it was. It was rough. It was really bad. But what goes through one's mind is I just did this. What if somebody else just does what I just did. They're gonna hit me. So I don't spend any time here, but the thing I did that was smart is when I was rolling backwards down the track on the corner in the line of fire, cranked the wheel to the left in went that gets you out of the way and you can see the track a little bit better. Right, right. I don't know why. What do you think I just carrying too much speed? Yeah, good recovery superstar. Right? I know where I know where the edge is. Now. The second time I went through that turn. I was growing like twenty eight miles an hour. Like bone stock pre is literally advance passing with nineteen. People take pictures. I went through that turn fifty five miles an hour, slower the following lap literally. I also then had some thoughts like wonder what's in my tires. Like I wonder how much gravel has been. Well, the tire you think about is is, did you did you break the beat? You have rocks jammed up in the ram there and you're going to, are you going to blues? You know, you're gonna lose air. Now also I had a sort of act of God and the act of God, and I don't think you can see it with the camera, but the act of God was this. That car has a splitter in the front that is literally three quarters of an inch off the ground. Yeah, and there's even a couple little things and dents in it because literally there's a part where you just drive out to the track. Go down the grid, the pit pit lane. You turn right. Start heading toward the hot pit and there's like a little color. There's a bump every single car. It's that thing. Yeah. By the way free to fix them every event every call Domino's to get one of their pothole trucks. It's a, it's a little rise. It's not much and it wouldn't be anything if you're just driving a Camry, but you're driving cars were the front end has a piece of aluminum. That's a half an inch off the ground. So you're almost nothing not much a lot when you're driving a golf carts? No big deal. But when you're driving race cars, kink every time. Outstanding in pit lane with the garage is behind us. And as you are finishing up your session, all the next session is starting to roll out cars in lineup, and just standing there. You hear cargo..

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