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Just talking with the doctor Martin Kerry from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health about the, uh, breaking news from Pfizer, where they say that the Covid vaccine is safe and effective. And kids 5 to 11. It's interesting, Julie. You know, Dr McKee was talking about maybe one dose, uh, for kids, so that's not How this trial worked. Apparently, this trial actually gave two doses, but they were much lower dosages, in fact, about a third of the amount that is in each shot given now and according to Pfizer, they say after the second dose Children ages, 5 to 11 developed anybody levels that were just as strong as teenagers and young adults receiving the full dose of the vaccine. Dr Ugur Sahin news, the sofa and her bio in Tech says, uh, that the safety profile in immunogenicity data. Are consistent with what we've observed in our vaccine and other older populations at a higher dose. But again, I think the real question is going to be. What does the FDA decided to do here? I mean, we know that the Yeah, I think the other question is, is there Are we going to see the same sort of slippery slope where you know pretty soon all kids 5 to 11 in order to go to school or to play in sports or to go on a field trip. Or to you know, my my son this summer was not yet vaccinated and had to bail on a baseball event. Um, And so the question is, will the sort of will they connect this to those activities? And then parents will feel pressured and we have to talk about this very seriously. This is a disease that really does not target 5 to 11 year olds. There is risk involved, and we should respect parents. Who want more information who want more data. As the doctor said. This was done on around 9000 kids, um, that you're not going to see some of the rare side effects that others that in the general population we've seen among young kids, so I really hope there's more flexibility with this age group. I don't think there will be if I'm you know, because and again the teachers unions will get all over this. And it's that assists that all kids be vaccinated for teachers to come back or for Master disappear so I can I can already see How this is going to unfold it. I think you're right. I think it is going to unfold that way. That's why I think the only hiccup could be whether if the FDA just like they came out on Friday and said, Well, that everybody needs a booster. If you get a panel that comes out and says, Hey, you know what these kids ages 5 to 11. It's a little premature to talk about vaccinating them. Then I think it could throw a wrench into the works here, But you're right. I mean, I think the mentality going forward, certainly for the administration is Okay, well, as soon as we can mandated, we're gonna Yeah, right. Uh And and so I think that the parents do need to start having this conversation. We didn't start talking about it. As you said, you know, this is a disease that, uh, so far anyway, has had far less of a severe impact on kids, and it has adults. I mean, there have been a according the American Academy of Pediatrics. At least 460 pediatric deaths from Covid since the pandemic began in last March. That's not nothing. It's not. But we're talking about hundreds of thousands of Americans who we do not. We do not mask Children who want to go to school for the flu, which is a disease that does affect Children. We don't you know, and this whole argument of Well, you know, if your unvaccinated you could, there could still be a breakthrough. What We do not mask Children for measles at the chance that there'll be a breakthrough infection of me. I mean, it is an inconsistent rule to just mass kids for covid and up the other myriad diseases. The kids come in contact with that do actually lead to death and Children, So I am really that's a whole nother show. Julie Gundlach talks about masks makes me a lot. I can feel myself getting a little like little tense right now. So, um But I can We can see what Chris Plante has coming up in a few minutes. You might be able to stick around for a few if you want. No, listen, I I'm with you. And you know, as you and I are both parents. This is something that you know. Obviously we want our own kids to be safe. We want our own kids to be healthy. Every parent does. And again, it gets back to the frustration. I think that so many of us feel where And we would love to be able to trust the science, so to speak, But it makes it really hard when you've got well when you find out that the doctors offering competing opinions, and the science seems to be shifting, based on the politics of the moment, But when there are emails revealed, and they admit that the CDC was influenced by the teachers unions on maps I'm done, I'm done if the teachers union can actually Really be the authority here, really? Because they're the ones making the rules and the vitamin with his Biden administration, then no one's following the science and that that is, That's just that that increases my you know my anger, my frustration and bitterness and inability to really trust these agencies, and they got to get that under control if they want the American public To do is they're advising. Yeah, I think we'll be paying far less attention to what Nicki Minaj is, cousin's friend had to say. Right. I'm so glad you worked that in. I was hoping we could talk about those swollen things. Yeah, well, well, well, we won't talk about the actual swollen body parts, but but, you know, again, there is a reason why, uh, you know, anecdotes like that end up taking often resonated with people and again. I think it goes back to the It wasn't even the anecdote itself. It was how they treated her. And how like the idea the audacity that she had to question it was so you know, off the mark for her to do that, So I think that's that's ultimately what people were sort of shocked at. I think you're right. All right. It is 53. After the hour here on W M A L. Better life with Dr Sanjay Gupta ever wonder why you hate the sound of your own voice? Science has.

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