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You think I'm GONNA say under we're not because it was a bad movie. I just don't think it was an amazing movie idea and I'm conflicted because I want to see these films on the top two fifty but the same same way it was like I was never like. Oh there's this brilliant you you know like I. I think I don't know eight point one's pretty good. I don't think I would go higher. I definitely wouldn't go higher. I might go a little bit lower because they did a good job. It was interesting throughout is very original I think he told a good story right. I agree with all that but was it like it was kind of missing that factor that while factor like Holy Shit. That was that was a great as movie movie. That's going on my list. I'M GONNA I can't wait to re wash or I I'm not it's not Vilma. I'm looking to recommend not saying I'm not I wouldn't tell people the watch it. I'm just not like fuck dude. You have to watch Villes. You haven't seen this. I'm not like that and I can't really put my finger on why I'm not not but I'm just not right. This also was a Alejandro whose debut yeah so so good that into consideration difference. I don't I don't know man that's the fucking. This is a fucking a great film. If that's your first film ever are you kidding me. I agree I agree with that. I'm just saying I don't think it should affect your Number one I'm going over on the list over one so you over under grant. It wasn't clear ago tat under seven nine nine. Everyone's Oh shit alright. What would what happens next? I wanted I think this is a good idea to get back into it I had another film thinking about that. I've seen multiple getting off the highway. Is that what. You're talking about I'll let you choose I know it's my choice. But I have fill in mind so we can go with film mine and the only thing I'll tell you is its genre that I like that's very similar to spotlight where it's investigative a biopic. Then we go over this. It's an investigative film or are then investigative film or you just ride the highway a superhero film. What sorry what'd you say? Investigative none of the second the highway. Oh no no I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA choose the The ladder over a specific picks while I'll do the first based on I can always get on the highway. You know okay. I've seen this before and I knew I haven't seen in a while so I wanNA watch it again and I checked because I thought it could have made the top two fifty on our list but it did not who And I wonder if you've seen this or not Zodiac Zodiac Zodiac Zodiac. Killer Ted Cruz. It's about as killer. What is what years? I got a bunch of astrology stuff. When I googled that I do not care about the two thousand seven The it's Jalen Hall Mark Mark Ruffalo Robert Downey Junior. I don't think I've seen this. I doesn't really well okay. Well this is even more exciting than because it's it's definitely Elaine. Top Ten probably for me killer. I haven't seen in a minute thinking. I'm getting big seven vibes. What's in the box? The box see I never. I had to rewatch seven as well Zodiac. It's it's it's falling of reporter at a newspaper sleeper. The same thing or something like that. There is some investigative About a serial killer in journalism and I don't know maybe this isn't a actually don't night is it is working at the San Francisco Chronicle but it's really interesting The Zodiac killer was was known for his deciphered notes. He would send a note to the newspaper. We're of just straight symbols. Yeah and it'd be totally encoded. People couldn't break the code. And that's crazy. Cereal Car Tame runtime. What are we looking at the Quinn? Oh boy yeah let's do it. That's what I knew. It was the one who was just keep on rocket. Yeah this is. It's going to be the first one I think that We'll definitely the first one I've recommended that I've already seen so I haven't seen in a while but I've seen it probably twice this third time. Cool no it'll be interesting to get an opinion you know after. I mean you know what's going to happen probably if you watch semi recently maybe not. I don't arts like he's launching without spoiling too much like they probably figure out someone dies something they probably figured out you know something about the Zodiac killer. Yeah but you know. It's about the journey not the distance all right and thanks for joining us on this charity. Okay thank you. Thank you offer fans so it will just be all this. How is this possible we could do? I can't do it for very long. Dude I know Five minutes I know someone like on is like an old friend of mine who does is chip on snapchat like on purpose. Life like look at the rain. Great now do they voice like that take breath and and look how beautiful the rain gene is. I'm like Jesus Christ I can't rain I gotta get to walk mother again. I ah get the sentiment in the sentiments cool but I don't like the voice and my changing your demeanour it's enough and making us story about probably the antithesis of being meaningful and being in the present. You shouldn't care about what anyone thinks. They're trying to spread their their wisdom. They're trying to get that message. Sit Down there like making the story but they have to dumb down but you know it's not dumb Zodiac two hundred seven Could you guys next week Hell yeah piece. Yeah cool all right piece guys next week piece again..

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