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You can watch this event on the WWE network right now, I checked it out earlier empty seats everywhere. So it's like the lesson x t live show. I went to why. All right. Give me give us the lineup. Right. So the lineup. It opens up with you guys. Remember general add non okay, this was back before when he was Sheikh add on he went against a buck some poll never heard of them. Sounds like a shitty GI Joe off character DJ Pearson wrestled super ninja if you haven't seen the super ninja match you gotta check it out because it's on the WW network. And if you look on super ninja hands he's got swastikas on the back of both of his. It's about that. Yeah. That's weird worth knowing stars Astakhov or what are the? Yeah. Did they think they're growing stars? I don't know, but they are blatantly swastikas. They are big white block. He's lost the cause. And it's creepy is this all over the internet. Or is this something that Mark James came up with watched it on the w? This is something I came up with about five thirty tonight when I was watching on the network, and I'm like what the fuck does that ninja have swastikas on his how much did you partake at five thirty when you watched it? Nothing at five thirty g's an hour and ten minutes lead. I'm gonna say that they weren't swastikas. I don't know about that come on. I'm going is right now curiosity that would be all over the internet is is it all over the internet. If not then I go to the WWE network right now. Go to Awa eighty seven may second. It's the second match in super ninja. You can't miss it. He's got daggers on his forearms swastikas on his fists. That's probably my favorite motley Crue album to be honest. Okay. I I I agree with Mark. I'm looking at a picture right now. Yeah. I just about to send it to the the group chat. Those are definitely maybe this is like an educational thing. Like, he didn't know what the hell you is putting on and thought it was a symbol for Chinese star. But that's Philly swastika. Okay. The gentlemen, who played the character of super ninja was shouldn't see Toco who is a Japanese wrestler. So the Japanese had. No clue swastikas. We're old. That I just got a tweet from land storm from twenty-six this way found the picture. He wrote not sure why the super ninjas Nazi Awa super class to. Thank you, Mark James. Not fucking crazy. Oh, hold on here. No clarification from Samoa Joe from Samoa Joe it says, it's actually a Buddhist symbol he worked a small town in Japan. And you found them everywhere. Interesting. Yes. That technically that is true. But this is nineteen eighty-seven people should've fucking known better. Just weird. He did follow up again and said that being said super ninja, isn't Japanese. So that's a pretty boneheaded move. All right. So go on with your second story. Good stuff there. All right, Sherri, Martel defeated Medusa. But the big match on here was curt Henning defeated Nick Bach winkle to win the Awa world heavyweight championship his first heavyweight championship title run. He held it for over a year. And then finally dropped it. And then left to go up north to New York to the WWF. We all saw the midnight rockers Marty Janetti. Shawn Michaels and re Stevens in a six man tag match defeat, buddy Wolfe, Doug suburbs, and Kevin Kelly and then Jimmy Snuka and Russ Francis. Yes. The NFL's Russ Francis. From the New England Patriots defeated the terrorists that are known as super ninja Brian knobs and the mercenary which is Ron fuller. I could see why that corridor had two thousand people. Shawn Michaels on it Kurt Haning. Nick, balk wellcoll, Sherri, Martel Jimmy.

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