What are the odds? Why sports betting in Washington DC isn’t a hit with all gamblers


News some gamblers are complaining about the way DC is running the new sports betting apps even though there are many games to wager on right now the bats are more expensive than your average trip to Vegas or Jersey it has to do with the odds sports books typically set odds on games that you bet a hundred and ten dollars to win a hundred if you're right in DC it's closer to a hundred and eighteen dollars to one hundred and you want to get the casual better involved and the lines that they are stop motion right now doesn't really do that and it also turns off C. and better result shooter is an analyst for Penn bets dot com which covers the gaming industry now the DC lottery argues it's gambit app isn't supposed to run like typical casino sports books and then it said sides in order to turn a better profit for the city that is going to resonate with the experience better is as more markets complying to say John dome and

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