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Bishop Criticizes Trump for Staging Visit to St. John's Church


After president trump spoke at the White House threatening to deploy the military law enforcement officers began pushing back peaceful protesters in front of the White House police used tear gas trump could merge from the White House once the street nearby Saint John's church president trump didn't bother to ask permission from the church authorities the episcopal bishop of Washington DC who has jurisdiction over the church tells NPR's Tom gjelten she was outrageous Persico bishop for Washington Reverend Mariann Edgar buddy was watching television when she realized president trump is heading across Lafayette park to visit St John's church which she overseas reaching out no sense that that would require some kind of authorization before using the church as a backdrop in that way and then she saw the president holds up a Bible not to quote a verse just to show it to the camera and almost like a product that is the most sacred text of the Judeo Christian traditions her body said she was outraged that the president felt he had the license to do that and that he would quote abuse our sacred symbols and our sacred space in that way

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