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United States, Tripoli And Julius Caesar discussed on Gary Jeff Walker


The Somali pirates and the Barbary pirates most were Muslim if not all and it's one of the reasons that we have a navy in the United States we did as early as we did correct I would think so yes it was certainly one of the first great engagements of the marines in fact it's mentioned from the shores of Tripoli now with those of course were Muslim and Islam only came into being in in what the six hundreds what you're saying I guess so before that Julius Caesar was not arrested by Muslims were captured by Muslims there weren't many Muslims when he was taken prisoner and we're in our last minute now but what you're basically saying is these four officers if they were actually patrolling in little small yeah face a lot of things that police officers may not face any other parts of Minneapolis yes it would be quite dangerous they would think of themselves in all likelihood is assembly line of civilization and only their night stick and so on is what maintains civilization there but I could be mistaken I mean I'm not an expert on Minneapolis the but no what we're facing now is the need to end the civil war and return to a higher level of decency and normalcy indeed the country and retain our freedom not just give up our freedom to defeat these people.

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