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If you are a single on valentine's day and you are not happy about that fact then you're not going to have a very fun time probably speak directly to me taryn railroad a thanksgiving especially thanksgiving is even more about family i think than than even christmas look if you don't have a family or you don't have a good relationship with your family i i think especially if you don't have a good relationship with your family because then like like why why are you going to thanksgiving wh why why are you shunning your family you terrible horrible monster like why why are you why aren't you le loving them unconditionally seeing all of these social media post about people anxious about how it like managed by racist oncle older selfies is made me very thankful that we the thanked him he's not a thing of air so yeah that's one thing but i'm glad icon relates it well what about charles dickens day isn't that basically the same thing are there any holidays that you that you feel strongly towards positively mom come to my them each gave me time i could think of reasons why might i could be convinced to like them but now i mean is that holidays if you can enjoy them great but i think is kind of thing which if you have to be prompted then there's already in issues like if if you can enjoy that sincerely and without any motivation thus thus that's the whole point and if you had like put on this character to enjoy a holiday then this what what are you ready getting out of an ultimately yeah i'm gonna ham on that i i level out of the lake purely religious ones like i love passover which is a hot take casado cheese at billy don't like passover because that's the week where we can't eat bread or pasta or anything that taste good and by i really like it because you just gonna leave just like gather around the table have a big neil and just like tell the story of passover and it's like mary communal an everybody takes turns reading and stuff like that so i like ones like those because it's just like kind of like you do one thing well this unites pass over you do two things in then use.

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