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Different kind of mask debate on Lisa Brady Fox News, the new city see chief trying to clear up confusion with results of a new study crosses racial Sutherland has more live Lisa doubling up on mass, you might be more protected from Corona virus, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Wolinsky says if it is important to having both the source and the receiver where masks modified to fit better Reduce the receivers exposure by more than 95% compared to know mascot all well, it's G encouraging the use of two layer mask couple bullets, strategies to tighten them, stressing mask work and they work when they have a good fit in our war incorrectly. Lisa. Thanks Rachel. Opening arguments underway in the U. S Senate, where the former president is on trial. Fox's Jared Halpern is live on Capitol Hill lead impeachment manager. Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin says his team will prove that former president Trump incited the mob that reached the U. S. Capitol on January. 6 Donald Trump's surrendered his role. As commander in chief and became the insider in chief. Dangerous instruction or asking, calls it the greatest betrayal of the presidential oath in the history of the United States. House Democrats have two days to present that case, Attorneys representing the former president have argued the trial itself is unconstitutional. Trump's questioning of election results is protected by the First Amendment. Lisa Thanks Jared the White House, sending a message to migrants that now is not the time to come to the U. S. Border spokeswoman Jen Psaki saying today the vast majority will be turned away because of the ongoing pandemic and the administration's unfinished work on the process and immigration policies. Critics have accused the new president of fueling a potential flood of migrants. By reversing Trump rules, easing deportations and suggesting expanded benefits like free healthcare. America is listening to Fox News like the three W Y PC mobile news on the level on the go Parents at this school are happy 22 cloudy. I'm Madison McGill. Here's what's trending out one or two anger over a statement of school superintendent made about black lives matter. John Harris reports on the concerns of parents at Hamilton, Southeastern Schools Superintendent Alan Board asked teachers to treat black lives matter as a political issue without advancing it or promoting their personal views. A statement that upset Hamilton, southeastern parent and member of the racial equity community Network, Alex. Morale is, he says, This is not about politics. It's a social justice movement that needs and demands, change in policy and demand. Systemic changes A petition's been made, demanding that dwarf resign. He's already supposed to retire. At the end of the school year. He apologized for his comments. Sean Herrick, 93 Wi VC mobile news, starting south and moving north and that's.

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