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Surfing Turf also our interview with all pro wide wide receiver Brandon Marshall just a an absolute monster. He's cut from more blaming. He stopped playing a year ago. He I mean killer Ella monger yeah. He wouldn't have to do much much prep for that he he looks like it Outstanding interview will your former teammate. What was your favorite part of that man? You know. It's tough because Brandon Brandon one of those guys men. And when you like you say the key comes with so much baggage. I don't think he talked absolutely. He talked a lot about it during the interview. However he's pie wanted most passionate when most talented One of the most When he's on unless the guy there's like that Mj rule like when there's nothing you can do By God himself has to say has to take your seat and uh-huh j. d. score granted had that he was one of those guys when he was on you talked about. He talked about the twenty two catches at twenty one catches. Yeah probably saying that is what in a single game in. What he said was? I was just locked in. He was just locked in so not. Everybody has that capability you can take as many steroids and train. We do always stuff. That's god-given Brandon Marshall. He he was so he was such a pleasure to watch like. I was blessed to play in. Long Choy Apollo Maloney. And all these great guys Fran Marshall I put up there man when he he was Jesus includes like when he turned it on you saw. DB's you saw the fear and DB's us us. I mean he's just so physical especially when the balls in the air is going to get that position he would like back zone fade bro we look at corners we we we will be on a feeling by. Oh that's let's touch. Now I mean is there anything. Do Co. box up and go get it. Nothing you can do. He was so dominant man. But I think And I think I mentioned this. What what I love about him right now is that he's in his heart and I think 'cause I'm and I I've been blessed off Sam Hairston things going good for me It's hard for athletes leads to reinvent themselves And brand has been able to do that because of his personality has a hard work and then having a vision and you talk about how much he puts into mental health and really Really being a lot of guys or people who do what they're going through He's a guy I wanna be. I won't be surprised to see him on a big screen in running for office or doing something like there's nothing he can't do and I and I believe that just because of his drive in his mindset so it's he's he's is a special person he's an outstanding storyteller all the all the stories he told her to so coherent and flowing. Josh mcdaniels stuff. Obviously is very topical with Him being a very hot name in the streets for a head. Coaching job Yeah the the twenty one catch game was just a great story. Kyle Orton throwing it in the dirt. Art The twenty one on a bubble screen on third down. I know but thinking about the twenty one catch game that's equivalent score eighty points basketball. It is in and I mean it's like it's that's unheard of even targeted twenty one times. There's other motherfuckers on the field right. Yeah no run game. Yeah just Brandon Marshall and you can't do nothing about it is in zone that's like as huge man. Yeah him talking about His relationship with Adam days how he likes Adam gays but I mean at the time when he was in Denver he's a wide receivers coach And kind of leaked information to Josh. mccown they're kind of trying to strong arm amendments CIGNA The contract that was bad for him How he was fine for conduct detrimental team for taking a Poop for twenty five minutes as well which he admitted was a long time? He said he's bugging bugging but And the details of the fight with the poly in the story. Great just having you to both both having been in the room for that and him being the one to kind of POL or attempt to Paul I off. Gino was a very interesting first person story. That was while while in thinking about you know Yano talking about brand to When his time with the jets man he first of all he mentioned this earlier Later on early interview he wanted to be a jet earliest. That's crazy. You don't hear that he's like you wanted to play Mark Sanchez. Like Marcus. The Guy Yeah but I mean I'm just being went on. That defense carried those years of marks. That wasn't mark being a gunslinger. I mean he made the plays that he had add to make but it was that office line and that defense is what care does jets do those glorious. Oh for a big time received like yeah. I'M GONNA go play for this guy I was I okay. Yeah that was like getting hit upside the head with a get hit upside the head with a rock. Yeah and hearing that as a guy who had Ryan Fitzpatrick on his team last year against A strong I'm quarterback Rebecca who was young and up and coming James Winston. It was interesting to hear Ryan. Fitzpatrick was this fear at quarterback and exactly why just saying like not necessarily the The physical tools which he was lacking for sure but just like accountability and kind of made guys around him feel like you know a few fucked up. It was the quarterbacks fault not one thing fits does a great job in a huddle and I know is his demeanor his body language. Nothing else Brennan was kind of hinting to when you're losing games or you're trying to fight your way through games. Your quarterback is his body. Language isn't on par. which what you're trying to accomplish like if he's out out to hello he looks rattled and you know? The receivers aren't listened to him. The you know his his communication skills are are are decreasing by the minute. It does aren't GonNa Rally Fits was always right down the middle nomad. If he threw a pig or do testing do touchdown. He's hyper sale. But you want it you you cheer for fits. You cheered for him because he he gave he gave it to you. You know what I mean. He gave everything and I remember the Houston game. We played Houston play. The Texans fit scrambles for like twenty yards dive into the end zone. Helmet comes off and he goes straight Super San. You know what I mean. We would just like Holy Shit Shit and to see him do it. And if you know this man humble SM- ridiculously smart Yeah but he's but if you met him on a string you would not He's he's Greg Yeah But yeah in such a great interview with Brandon Marshal. I hope one day we can have around two with him just because that was so much so much much more to cover but really fun interview. We want to thank the fans for US coming a lot. Common concern the fun things coming down the pipe down the pike. I don't really know what that expression this is coming down the road. I know I know what it means but I don't know which one is actually correct piper. Pike I think it's both go pipe pipe like like pipe I would is. That's very deserved. hoster term yeah turnpike impact by Pipette assume associated with like Super Mario Luigi like going down the pipe dick debts. I mean the ads Iraq again. SURF.

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