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We're back i'm talking with monique engineer he's the chief technology officer at seattle art museum first time they've ever had a cto okay let me address the naming elephant in the room yeah did you take the job because of your last name or did you change your last name or how much grief you get because your last name maps to your job i it's actually pretty difficult yes my last name is engineer if anything i always have to explain people that that's my really like is my last name people think i've got fake job resume that i'm you know it's a template resume like john software or something so i always have to put in the cover letter yes this is my real name don't throw it away it's not junk mail and so if anything it's a hurdle to kind of get it especially in an arts organization well hopefully it's not frequently misspelled but it might now no it's okay that's the other funny part is as you know we were chatting before people always think that there's some exotic pronounciation like own junior or something and it's like now it's just engineer well technology which of course ties very nicely into that obviously the technology in art isn't always inside the art museum right google has its arts and culture up at highlights museum collections sam is not a part of that one at this point but i'm curious you know there's a lot of people trying to bring art outside of museums who aren't with museums like google what's the cto's role in cases like this arts and culture app and dealing with some of these tech it's well you know i think it's great for all of us because you know as kind of saying earlier you know we don't have big pockets but these these companies have you know.

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