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Mean you got to be his pro bono lawyer lawyer and she when i am pro bono this shit on facebook for no reason ridiculous just ridiculous and then the other part is and i was thinking about this i'll bet the women who have is back will be held more in counting him i won't be surprised of angela rafah's ourselves having to speak about this shit before he does he's just i nothing i mean what's it gonna say that's my homey he i'm thinking say to you you don't because the thing is that bitch if it was the other way around you wouldn't see him standing up for you yeah i mean he got a lawyer it don't sound like it's going go to court another i mean i legitimately that he can keep his head down to be absolutely fine and nobody will say shit to nobody gets cancelled so i i don't know man i just i don't i don't know what she's doing and its own go because you could've said nothing and nobody would have blamed everybody was said i understand that you're in difficult position just let it go sis here we are so yeah man i'm sorry to everybody i would this shit but i really was like we might as well talk about it because everybody's talking about it and i've heard of the people's very dismissive attitudes about it but i've said on the show a few times most people around the extends to whether or not they like a person and you can't trust people for shit you can't trust nobody to be not being a hypocrite you can't trust anybody to have like values that that are consistent 'cause soon as they like or don't like somebody goes out the door like that's it that's that's why i love people different than i used to that's why i hadn't learned to be like oh that you're totally capable of that year everybody's capable even myself none of us are fucking immune to that that's the human condition so i was like yeah i can't expect more than that of a lot of people they pick and choose i folks if they don't like you then you did that shit you know pick a person that you don't like and think of them being accused of saying share charlemagne and tell me that you that you got to say feeling right that's if you like that if you don't like him pick a person you do like it how did you react when it was known you know people change on all the time you know you just can't have trust in nobody can't believe in nobody man you gotta look at everything for yourself and like i said i'm not even accusing as mad another i'm literally just saying oh his other she ate that contradicts what he being saying some paperwork this as anything i don't know you might want to look into that but you know what you won't hear how night seven it's gonna take them out air investigate it because he's a black do and we don't do that were black news right if he was chris hardwick man they'd be looking at him nothing's gonna happen do all your favorite favorite like woke folks are going to feel kiki widow deal via this would still won on shows bag to be on his show it doesn't matter man it just doesn't matter and i'm i'm not trying to be mad about this shit all the time i'm not trying to be you know 'cause people within accused you'll be all you try jealous you're trying to take down the same lane it's not even close right well he does and what i do totally different i don't want what i don't want what he guy i guarantee you don't want what i got so like it's not even like that but that's how people will approach it because it's easier than confronting the truth which is maybe wri gotta fucking point is that so much harder if i think like what if i'm wrong what if i'm around then this girl didn't gets actually saudi but nothing happened charlemagne anyway he ain't lose a job hey lose no money he ain't go to jail nothing he's straight but if your own uniform number person is possibly gotten away with rights to times if you're on but i'm the one that's crazy okay all right let's get a solar writing this and get out of here we'll do more fun state tomorrow yes and we need to set up your phone tonight so i understand.

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