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I really do feel very bathroom mrs nel arts and the she also had a baby and then we had spicer took over four jason taylor is out he took both jobs comes tractor and press secretary and then they got what's his name me i keep my duckie might tacky sorry deck if you are saying yeah duckie was in our minds and then spicer took over again yes he was dole had it do it and then what was then was there one more of obama's mich and it was much and then as much but the mood is out but then spicer's even though he had already quit he hasn't actually quite gets spicer's back in fake technical especially still working at the white house he's yeah he's vice if you're listening call still on is your name still on on yeah so he is technically said this is i this is my count seven i i mean spicer's three times but i'm just saying oh i was gonna say i don't know hey gathered in selling and poor people but three times so i'd times so thank you emily for that trip through worked on that you can see it staunches on top of my ass comps director history so in the trump white house now hopex to be named white house communications director here's the report uh relying on the daily caller news foundation for this their reporting overnight clues several well done hopex will be named the new white house communications director the daily caller news foundation has learned president trump has offered the job to hicks and she is accepted the position according to a white house insider you remember that takes is close to the president as is and has been close to his side since the early days of the campaign and is one of his most trusted.

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