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Right now the detroit do you have any faith and joe flack of the way he's been playing this year now i don't think joe flaco is playing particularly well this year um you know you look at his his touchdown numbers their way down i mean staffers out over twenty touchdowns this year and i like the way stafford plays you know he's got that like that gunslinger like i'm just going to go out here and wing it and you know i'm going to be successful you kinda like danny's tough he he's one of those guys that um he loves the compete um but you know baltimore the their defense is playing well right now so you have to also look at the way that the ravens defense is playing so you know i'm gonna go with with detroit you know i think that they're going to go out there and uh you know i i think that the firepower in the way that the quarterback play um is in detroit versus where it is right now in baltimore i think that that's going to be the the the factor there in that game that i'll come sunday night football on nbc it all begins at seven p ever football right in america rodney barring health of course he is under the weather tony dungy dan patrick mike floreal aimed the crew kruger all the action until kickoff at eight thirty p m and it's a good one centurylink field in seattle a very tough place to play seahawks are banged up but they're still hanging in there what seven and four here's the philadelphia eagles that had literally blown out the last a poor opponents it's not it's eight silly as to how dominant they've been maybe it's different game of seattle has richard sherman and kam chancellor their healthy and cliff a roles there and guys like that rob any chance for seattle here any chance playing at home any chance of the.

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