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Feel it's GonNa feel like a little less celebratory? No, we have no bake shop to make it virtual wall pride. You know what I noticed have in the suburbs. At least all the kids put rainbows in their windows right now. It's like a thing in the several is that I didn't know that four like during this social distancing time, everybody has rainbows in their windows. They had him for like two months, but it wasn't right or something. You know it started in March when we started this whole fiasco, but I'm going to call them all rainbow flags kids. Are because we don't get to like walk around and see all the commercialization of pride like the game show, and all that, which by the way that's not a bad thing, I. Don't Care What Citibank thinks about pride last year Rosen. I took like a pride tour of the city, and just took pictures in front of all the beautiful rainbows and colors, and and you're right. We can't do that this time. Well, listen I don't want to say that gladstone idea of virtual pride videos, but gladstone idea virtual prize videos and it wasn't even actually. We stole the idea from our listeners on their lives. But. Let's not, but we do WanNa tell you guys want you to make videos of how your family is celebrating pride, virtually the sheer make them creative and fun and funny or whatever we're just have fun with it. Meet a like a minute, and then I'm sending it to us, and then we'll. We'll share it on her social feed. Ya I'd like to reiterate for Robin. Please don't make them too long. Because because Robin like keep them short and long time limits. Time there. What do you do? I'm just I'm just making fun of you know they need to be short, so we can fit them. All GonNa would hate to make a great video on the. We can't play. It's all Jamie I just last week. I ordered pride shirts for me, and hopefully they get here and. What do they collins will one of them is to of the Disney princesses making out which is awesome. I know it's really hot, and then the other one is like a rainbow and you do you or something like that? That sounds like that's only a different message you. Do you saying that the sounds like cried? Well, it's for pride. It's more. It's more muted one for hearing. She's not going to wear the princesses kissing. That's more my jam. Jam Jam Disney is yet. Let's see. Before we get to our guest today which we don't want to say too much up front because he's amazing, we have to get to him, but. Then we need to give a shoutout to all the folks who joined our Patriot community. After we asked for help last week in our big patron pitch, it wasn't an easy ask for us, but we are just a whole, so honored and thankful that so many people answered the call. Brandon I have to say it was so much, not an easy thing that after. After we did it and all leading up to the Monday, that aired I was on the verge of sending you an email. Let's take it out out. It's so much about area and yeah. Yeah, so we did it and you responded, so thank you so much, so we have to say a huge. Thank you to Melissa. Feldman Danielle Lally Alicia Romero Emily Pearson. Or is it Wynberg? Will you need to tell us in the livestream? 'cause she's always Oh. Yeah, we love you. Jessica Smith. Okay, and for the rest of you if That was weird. Great transition there were so good our jobs Jamie on, but for the rest of you if you're like what did I miss last week's episode Patriot is our community where you can support, but also where we have all kinds of bonus content at varying levels, and we have video some some of the interviews. We have swag that for joining and we even put. Put up some interviews unedited ad free videos, so you can watch us. ramble through interviews with people in my mother. Really love the video, so you should know that too well. Guys if Jamie's mother loves the video, then you better, you better get up loves the videos, but also we appreciate your support, because we don't want Robin to have to go back to work cleese. This. Won't we really don't happen if province to go back to work? Two job offers, and I'm like. Why is the universe doing this to me I'm like I'm trying to pursue our dreams here and the universe is I. Don't know. Maybe tell me I shouldn't have these dreams because it keeps down lake. Here's some job. No wait we'll, we'll let's watch those patriot. Members come rolling in and there's your science. Get off a patriot. Okay. Let's talk about our guest today all right Sam batons the lead singer of the Band K's choice and rex rebel I mazing I've been such a fan of him from back in the day, but what was so cool is one of our listeners A. Vendor Vander Jack Need. We never know how to say her name, but she's delightful. Anyway we'll. She is part of our Patriot community and she was emailing us, and she said you gotta get Sam. He's this Belgium singer and I was like Oh, cool, and then all of a sudden I like looked up his name and I was like Oh crap. I was the lead singer for case choice because I was such a fan, and so then, of course we started stocking. Yeah, exactly and just about two years. Years ago, he began transitioning. Yeah, and he's got of log about it and we were like. Let's get him on here and he was like I. We didn't even have to really stock. He was just like yeah. I WanNa, do this, which is awesome. We love it when we don't have to Stop People Helen. Shut up. We know we gotta rolled up. We're GONNA. We're closing the in showdown, Helen, she just needs only talk about stocking now I know how stocks and up loosen up how fight Helen! Audio go roll the interview I think we need to get Helena gifts I'm so mean to her Helen's. Her Job all right, let's go. Let's go to the interview. All Right?.

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