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You put him on child support. Until he got real older and he you know he can Hatton almo. He will literally quid fucking job because he didn't want to pay child support Jeez. Lock you up for that now. They can't. They used to lock them up all the time. It was twenty getting my jail. Put money together to get him out of jail. Every minds the time and that story retail people go have abortions. Unless they pay for. What did I don't pocket? Forget it. He told in San Francisco. I did tell him in San Francisco. was those people call who try to say the from getting the board? The pro-life people pro-life people when they first came out in the nineties. They was car. We thought Blitar. It was crazy, so they will get. They will get locked up and get drug to jail for quality crazy people. Started bombing Bush. At the Bush craning. Say Your Baby, so somehow he blacked business, knowing came gaining their boyfriends out of jail and scheme was. Is he meet a prolife person in jail? Tell him that he girly prints. She's GonNa. Get an abortion and the pro-lifers called headquarters and getting out of jail. To save the baby should. God forgive him. My Baby Daddy got out several times. My friend was dead now, but she was like she got my brother outlets you like. Your brother in jail, what creating a pro-life people and they say? He told me they got a baby on the way. They white people. You don't I call them flower child small. We Yucca County hearbeat. and. They will literally making bail. Only black people saying they trying to say to keys from getting the border I do go sit down. With whose role would you know? My girlfriend will get an abortion. Why meant you know? I can. Come up with his student I. had a fucking stupid life. And I look back and I was like Oh. My God I was such a piece a sheet. To take advantage of people to get a no good piece of sheet out of jail. They didn't do their due diligence their fault, but they didn't do ten percent. They paid the whole fucking bones. So! It was no somebody sign if they will pay the whole fucking bond and you literally got by pro-life people so funny. I imagine on some level like if they taken advantage fine, but then when they pay the whole bond mad, they're probably gullible. Gullible because. You asked. Them are. Going to make another way when you get home, have you ever gone into an abortion clinic? Have you ever? Driven past one every I went to planned parenthood to get an D. test because it was free and I was like I'm GonNa. Go see what it's about because I'm pro-life and I was like all right. Let me see what what it's like inside. In got the test they were. Super Nice. Waited twenty minutes to get my aides results longest twenty minutes of my life AIDS tests is so dumb, but you know you have AIDS when you're waiting for that test. You're just like I'm sure of it. Have you had sex with anybody? Since one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, like bitch I wasn't even live right? No, it's so I was walking out, and all of a sudden tears in heaven started playing as I walked out and I was like this is hilarious, but then you walk out in the waiting room and sad, but now I mean it. was you know it's like one of those things where? Apparently do more than a boy. Right a lot more I think. Those weird people protested outside. Yeah, they weren't there. So what about what about say to claim? Media say to people that you. Say Baby Well. How about say digs? Keep going to long turn into flus. Holes in them. To. Do. I remember when I was in my GD class and This is. One time. Flute. Vertigo fucking up. GD Klay. This girl, they were talking about as right because they were talk about like real life ship, and they said they said everybody stand up, and as we named she chew, sit down. So, they say. You. Know what I did. The whole thing by nights was I'm the WHO was. It was a lady who had? Who had four blown as assumption real, pretty black lady, she came to speak to us, and she was on drugs real bad and she was telling us how store how does she didn't get out how she realize how fucked up? She was until she got locked up and she looked in the mirror. She Got Holy Fuck. Is that me? And so why she was ideal shooting dope or whatever selling pussy, she called as and so she came his pizza. I'll. Look where Federal Work Program Claes, and she's the everybody. STAND UP! Have you had sex from nineteen? SEVENTY FIVE IS A. You know everybody's started to sit down and it will literally one girl standing. To all pretty girl to issue mace and I remember looking up lay between I know. It was like the late nineties. We'll fuck you know. Why are you here? This is what I'm saying to my saying. He whereabouts lay ladies speaking I won't know how to fuck. You Ain't tragedy cow. I'm hopping Garrett every chance. That did. Do for you. Have you got you count the child of horses and she'd Hey. Ice Water by the Jerusalem Man Charlie horses a bitch as you get older. Thought, that was the good old days and I'm like why the fuck are you still stand and she was like. She says she was a virgin and everybody applaud her and I was like you the stupidest. Audi Good Dick Iowa. You even hear you there. Why are you here bid took? That's what I was saying to myself. Who? Why are you ain't giving the policy?.

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