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Big fan duel guy draft kings or any of the gambling. I don't know if that's personal question nowadays commercialized so you have an account. Yeah i have an account. Okay well do you wanna know my real the real story on this. Yes i tanner. Swint of noko now told me that if you get in the first time and they give you like fifty bucks to gamble with sweet all right. I signed up. But then you have to enter your credit card. I right of course. I'm leery of the. I'm a ninety year old guy trapped in a thirty five year old's body terrified of technology. I don't trust it Although i have the cell phone and i have all the stuff. It's just you know. If i have to injure a credit card numbers scares me so i said no. I don't think do this take me off of it. I emailed them and said. I decided i don't want an account. And so my wife and i sorta talking and she's of course into bitcoin right and i know you kind of i don't know. Do you know anything about bitcoin. I don't know anything about it. She claims she doesn't know anything about it. Either but she's like interested in it and so she's investing a little bit right so far. It's pretty good. Yeah so i said okay well. You know less about bitcoin than i do about sports. I know well has the listeners can attest to. I know pretty much everything when it comes to sports right almost pretty fair ninety percent so i said you know let me do this fan duel thing and when you get married and all that stuff it becomes a let me 'cause got st. bank account. Yeah she can look and go. what are you doing. Petting on the broncos that was a five point spreads idiot no so we decided to give it a shot this year. Nice so i reached out got my. I forgot my password. Of course because i have eight million passwords now and they have to change all the time because people keep breaking into them so go in. I tried to change my password. So the send me an email right code to get in all that said because you were you you you. You signed out last year. We still have your account memorized of course in the system. But you said you didn't wanna do it. Can we ask why the change of heart seriously that email. that's weird. just take my money. I have money in my wallet ready to spend today. I was going to bet on the broncos to win the preseason game on saturday. And i said i'll tell you the reason. My wife gave me permission. Can we get this thing rolling. So i've yet to hear back like come on. Is that not do. I need a written note from elementary school. All the sudden. That's super fun anyway. The point of this is this morning. The denver post had.

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