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For you wasn't how was it was a great show very funny missed that one of the funniest riffs that they that they have done in passing what was the show no retreat no surrender starring starring John Claude van Damme who's in the movie for six minutes really impressive it's a karate kid ripoff I didn't even know this movie existed but it was so bad goes to Bruce Lee Shozo teach this kid karate and he looks nothing like they all look away the people who made this movie anyone what we got coming that's great bills excited about new easel sap I thought with my bill was here is get ready for the bachelor I have friends that are so excited about the bachelor live on stage no but I don't understand what it's going to be yeah what is the wish Morgan was here it is a it's a like speed dating bachelor version of the show and the bachelor is a Park City firefighter named Kristin Chris obviously across totally obvious I don't know if the firefighting jobs decided before the name but but yeah anyway so they're going to do this this whole spiel so like the roses going today the end I know you will get drunk during the show a gather right I would hope so I would think that would be the way to go so yeah that's when is that that's like the twenty first at the ankles yep for the twenty first now before that though for that we have Ozomatli which is an awesome LA me elat and hip hop funk band super fun they've been around for twenty years or so now they're gonna be at the state room this Thursday yeah by the way we talk about the state represents this is not just at the state right these are shows that stay room Commonwealth room the Eckels theater we just did Brandi Carlile attaining Tucker at the Vivint so wherever but the website kind of yeah populates the calendar based on where we have the show is not the menus now in artist that I think we were the first people to play ever years and years ago Sarah McLachlan yeah we did we broker in this market yeah she is going to be at the ankles the thirteenth she can sing that song that it's in the video that makes me cry in the arms of the don't do that I hope they don't have a touch of the video I don't care if they don't show the right no that's so is is that should be fantastic and that's another that's a great room for her if you haven't been to the apples it's it's super super clean sounds and sight lines and really a great listening room in and viewing room for yes the Fantastic uncle of mine damn movies it's a great there are people be excited to hear about Wilco well being in large Shia where they're going to be there at the ankles theater as well as off their new album tore ode to joy again there are fantastic I mean that keeps evolving every year and now they have Nels Cline on guitar it's it's been pretty fantastic and then where is Dweezil Zappa coming to weasels at the Commonwealth room okay is our newest room only couple years old in south Salt Lake right by the Best Buy in the central point tracks station and he's doing the sixtieth anniversary of hot rats our fiftieth anniversary its fiftieth because it's this is an other hot stuff nineteen sixty nine AM right that's right next to the tracks right now yeah okay I see that every time a man right home from work so yeah diesel obviously Frank Zappa's respond but does his I mean he's got his own study but he's pretty spectacular on the attorneys definitely got his Daddy's jeans and has a hell of a guitar player yeah so that's going to be super fun show that's on the thirteenth which is this Thursday is that this thing yeah yes so there's a lot of options like if you're looking for something to do like Valentine's wise because I don't say giving concert tickets is a great yeah I was in for yeah and we have that we have a cool in the White House tribute Valentine show at the state room on Valentine's day it's a local group he jade's beehive society really did it last year it sold out it was really quite fantastic now the Amy Winehouse fans are there yeah they're loyal they are loyal she mess left a big mark on people yeah well I know you have some tickets if we do away with what you like to give one let's give away some tickets to do easels apple will do a pared of apps okay as to Ozomatli too and you know if you want to see our the bachelor live all that we had a pair for that two people want that sure yeah okay so we just have for first person that called Katie for each of those I want to make sure they go to someone that will use them they will use that I will ask him which ones they want eight seven seven six oh two nine six nine six shows that there aren't more information at the state room presents dot com you got it it's actually really easy website to navigate thank you you can see all the all the delicious going listing all the stuff that's coming months and months away yeah CL much good stuff there is we got some shows out in October already in man it's it's not stopping you know much of the album is dead the touring is alive so that is the way to join the live shows you know I was reading article look couple weeks ago about how this is how musicians let make their money I mean it's just to be eighty percent album sales now it's eighty percent tornado you've got a tour it's crazy good bad for them good for good for the patron god yeah we get to see the show we got to get the pick of the litter right thank you.

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