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Curtis is here for Jesse and Curtis Chris Tacoma now okay. I'll call him in two minutes on the phone. He's GonNa call you that he's going to cause you sound a little groggy. They call me right here. We'll have keyshawn next. We're GONNA talk to key. He's GonNa cost you real quick and then of course there's the juxtaposition of Steve Balmer and again. It's a little unfair to compare one owner at the most euphoric moment of his ownership <hes> and compare them to the other owner in the building at the worst moment of theirs which was when Magic Johnson goes on TV and hits the detonator but the silence coming out of one side relative to the just the over the top enthusiasm. It's okay I mean they're not only did they get quiet Leonard and Paul George but maybe they have their secret sauce that the Lakers had had a patent on for forty years. Maybe they stole that too. WELL LISTEN GENIE BUZZ IS NOT Steve Bomber. Genie Buzz has a different personality. They got Anthony Davis which is still so to me better than getting Paul George Leonard Agree but you don't see her out there going well. That's not how she rose. At the end of the day. It doesn't matter what you say during the preseason press conference in only matter of Ju- saying postseason season and whether or not confetti falling and I think the Lakers are still ahead in that category keyshawn returns August fifth for O._C.. Week but guess what what thanks to satellite technology he's here. He's here Heiki. We're mourning. What happened in Miami doing y'all in Oborne L._A.? Man Boy getting after it early a couple of Pina coladas yeah we come from No. I'm just kidding kidding Kiko kidding. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I know it said it's you know it's ten fifteen where you are. I'm surprised that you're up and moving at this point I it looks like you're having a great time and you know what we wrote in the sun was coming up but we getting ready to roll back out and <HES> WE'RE GONNA go to that'll be our exercise for the day when we made by the Pool A little bit and go catch a movie and some dinner it it just Kinda. Just enjoy myself relaxing. You're not got that glow because this humidity Ecclesiastes skiing so that glow is just like even though I'm I got a little darker because I was like before now lethargic but you can see the two and it's just it's it's unbelievable. Wait a minute. You're Elsie. I'll let you take that one. I'm not going to have you gone to twist yet way. Did you call me black. No that's the drought or you're not black. I mean you are okay. Darker darker like Joe Pesci Travis you see week is coming. There is a lot of chatter about waiting to play golf against you. I just want to play golf against you. They WANNA come out John. Ireland's also going to be there on Day four of O._C.. Week and we will talk to John in just a moment but here's how they qualified to play against you. They got to come out today. One of the week Monday August fifth to the Roger John Superstore in Santa Ana fourteen twenty one village way Santa Ana come by the Taylormade. We're made fitting center. That's where Travis is going to be eleven A._M.. To One P._M.. Monday August fifth. I'm going to be there to you can enter win a spot for you.

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