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There was other announcements that happened yesterday. So John is doing their summer of gaming with their Aegean Expo and day one yesterday had a bevy of announcements. Mostly you know smaller, India or double A. Games, but Brittany we have you to talk to us all about everything that was revealed for Yuccas Leka drag over. It looks so good. There's a crayfish name Nancy. Is that all we need to know. Yeah, that's literally all anyone ever needs to. Get into this game, but no, so the main takeaway for me because I'm. I know I'm going to play this game surprising. No one is I'm trying not to learn about the plot point and at one point Oh gosh, someone from. The team was talking started talking about kind of like where the story was. Go and I kind of tuned out after that so what I did is I went to Yakuza Hughes a PC gamer. And I pulled some of the top things that they found from the stream, and it was all salisbury free, so the Games turn based. Combat, which includes a job system. All takes place in the protagonist head. He's imagining real. Fight says he's absurd. Encounters are full of special moves so apparently. Yvonne is a fan of Retro Gaming, and in order for him I guess getting like the Groove of fighting. He imagined that all of this kind of stuff in his head, and that's how we applies. Is like fight to it? I guess I. Don't know. Like I got map it out. You can level up bonds between characters called drink links in with higher bonds. They'll do follow up attacks for you and combat, and it sounds like you can maybe romance other characters Nikko. We're getting a little persona alert or with our links with our like drink links is actually a very. There are nineteen jobs each have their own unique outfits classes I'm assuming this can mean and then the new setting Yokohama's apparently three times, the size of Maroteaux with nine different districts, which is just absolutely insane to me. I thought Colorado was big enough, but hey, you can always go up three times bigger. And there's. Significant business management mode where you take over a feeling, confess confectionary company, and turn it a greedy great holdings, company and it'll. Shareholder battles and there's straight cart inquest which are embracing mini games in can. You pick up cans and rickshaw out. Collect other Ken collectors. I mean more I see, it's just I can't wait. The, beauty of the series is that it has some really. The main narrative is really intense, and there are some super deep impactful moments. I've tried several times. I'll play these games, but you have this off the wall. Goofy side content that really. Lightens the mood up and. Sounds like ready to beginning a lot of that I'm really excited. Obviously, we still have a release date their keep saying day and date for the new consoles, but if I had to guess I'd say it's probably coming out maybe in a few months or so. Wait, so this is one of the Games is coming to current Gen before dex. Chan right I'm assuming this. They're being really cagey with the wording of it. They're saying you know I. It was only confirmed for Xbox What's IT called series? Yeah, but the thing where you buy, you can play it on. The other has no the backwards compatible one of a smart delivering. Yes The name of it but I know what you're talking about. Yeah, so as part of that, and then they just officially announce that long ago. That of course is coming to PS five as well an PS for an xbox one, but they're saying the same day that it's going to release for all these like how does but but. Yeah so I. Don't know why they're not giving a release date I. Really don't understand because we're already halfway through June so if they're. They're holding it to relaunch it on launch day for five or xbox series that they can't give the release date because the farmers having well. No, they're saying they're going to release on the. They're all GONNA release like on the same day is what it sounds like, but maybe that's what they're also. Maybe that's what they're saying is like. It's going to release on PS. Fi first or xbox were I we don't know. Why am I confused here? Yeah, yeah, it doesn't make sense. It'll all become clear I'm sure I would guess that they're tying announced date by the end of the summer. Typically three if we don't see dates at e three announcement and their holiday, we give them games calm because that's another major marketing beat that's directly ahead of the holiday season. Big spend that we usually see retailers doing so hopefully. We'll know by the end of the Ceylon, and where you'll appreciate this. Apparently, there's two hundred and fifty two Suji Mon and you can become a Sushi mind master. If you collect these dangerous beans that are called Sugerman I, see challenges, the green, red and blue kind, and then it's an encyclopedia and you build another coke addicts. I just like. It looks cool. Who that was a lot, and there certainly was some other news that happened this week, but of course we are focusing on this massive playstation reveal event, and not to discredit any of the games that were announced. Extra Day One. There's just like so much to cover. We just cannot. Crawl into one episode of our show, but we are looking forward to doing even more next week next week's going to be another massive show with more watch along because I'm going to be creating a streaming. Streaming schedule calendar that I'm going to put up for you guys. You know exactly when we're going to be live on our twitter channel and you can watch along with us, but I do want to do have quick follow up on a story that Brittany and I talked about on the Monday show, which is the bundle for racial justice and equality that it. has been blasting out so their initial fundraising goal for this bundle that we talked about was I can't remember it was what was the initial goal was like a five million it was. I don't remember the. Over five million dollars now and their fundraising effort, which is phenomenal. The bundle originally had around seven hundred forty two games. I WANNA say now has over a thousand, and it says it includes more than fifteen hundred works from at least one, thousand, one, hundred and ninety eight creators, so they're adding more games so this bundle all the time, and it's raising money for the N. double ACP legal defense, and Educational, fund and the Community, Bail Fund proceeds from the fundraiser will be split fifty fifty between the two organizations and

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