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Perhaps the more obvious choice for trump more isn't a evangelical christian orrick uh certainly goes after that vote and speaks up his religious yossi in a way that trump never did but it's also like why rock the boat rightly actually like why not just go with the guy who was appointed when jeff sessions m like if all three ice cream cones rely rock the boat is a question that donald trump asks very often i think he doesn't want to put a lot of effort into your estate that he shouldn't have to think a lot about and if all three ice cream cones look relatively the same went out licht the ones close straight path link those alabama letting ma senator eddin you've you've always said that that all at the end the longstanding lomali says cream policy from you this is a gop primary do democrats have any chance that well look this is a state where that has an elected a democratic senators since 1992 when a richard shelby who's now republicans theory switch size after the 94 midterms was reelected odds estate that donald trump won by 28 points but it should be pointed out that you know trump's approval rating in the state overall has probably dropped in the low fifty is the national environment is in great for republicans and you know if you massage things enough and you go okay if more gets through with his controversial s past statements you know about samesex marriage or refer refusing to remove the 10 commandments out from the judicial grounds in alabama uh and democrats nominate the right person than there could be an interesting race but here's the thing that should be pointed out is there is no guarantee that democrats will get the man that they want through to the general election right now in the polling as limited as it is god in the name of robert kennedy jr who is of no relationship to the kennedy clan has generally led in the polling based solely off of the fact that kennedy sounds like a famous name it's aspirational name me by the parents by the way which i got to respect its appoint out that there's a lot irish people named after i entered the family name now although i will point out that roberson when you're is black.

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