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Hello and welcome to run port now. This is where runners unite. We all come together because we share the Mitchell. Love for the fielders of running I mean Ohio okay sometimes when you are running, you might question why you are out there doing it might be raining in you. Do think his signs much fun, or you might be facing a huge hill directly in front of you and. And it can seem like an older cicle too big to take on. However once you've done it. You feel great, and you remember why you love it. You love the way running makes you feel so today on run put I'm joined by a friend someone known for years at back to the days when I worked on GMTV Our from this bit cold entertainment day, which was Friday Showbiz? And this gas hosted, the GMTV can have children section. She is currently though she's moved on from the kids stuff and she's the DT expert on select schoolteaching. She is a number one bestselling author. She's a qualified kuntsler. She's a life coach. She's a fellow podcast there. She is a Williamson hallow-. Oh Jen Nice. Probably the nicest introduction I've ever had thanks May. You know really really good. How're you doing? Bud You know not bad and actually is funny when I think about running. I. Want to say this I think. Because I. Always remember you and Ben Shepard you send about the GMTV days you invention foods while I've been in particular needs to do entertainment day, which by it was the best part of GM today that was like the holy grail of telly shows to be on like you got to interview with the celebs and everything I know zing Shami. Sigy good, it is well but then Ben used to run. Our members run home didn't need to Richmond. Yes so he's to run Richmond and is run to Wimbledon. where I left and I remember looking at the pair you and like there was the fact, there were no more sexy fitter presenters in the whole of it building than you. And Ben and you both use Pitney of fitness because I used to finish my kids show go into studio six which. Listeners was basically the kind of unofficial start contain. is to go in there down. A bottle of wine have an incredibly frightening mazzy. I'm not do any exercise. And then you and Ben used to smash out the park. Yeah, but that's only because when we get home. Then we would go and eat the rotation during the rubbish and how great! We just felt that if we ran home. Have justified all that was old well I think you guys have absolutely right. You're ahead of your time. In fact, I think it's funny. Isn't that awesome? Push trends do change because then running was more. Everyone's so of the one one eight guys little. Didn't think I mean because I think running now. I I I. I hold up there as probably one of the coolest exercise you can day because. I, think everyone can do it. I mean and I've I've fallen in and out of love with running my whole life but ultimately is something I enjoy, but I think Too much, your listeners gender in childbirth. Childbirth is my biggest nemesis when it comes to the running, but it is something that I've always. Had A. Love hate relationship with so i. mean just to give some context this as well so i. I always liked wanting for exercise up as always my mental health, which are permanent banging that drum Bosa find..

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