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David, and Jeff really know what they're doing. And they've created an amazing company Sabi. Maybe. Larry Joe gets another cat that could be his name. Oh. Oh, that'd be cute. Cute. Storage for the cat, two guys. One one is a lot to handle. But, you know, sometimes if there's somebody else for them to bother they don't bother you as much I don't know right before the show started like, oh, man. He was like on a rampage just like multiple animals, and they're all jealous of each other. Yes, doesn't work. You know, the way dog got a dog the dog is like March Simpson like the cat will jump on stuff. He's lap dogs over there on the couch with their beady little killer is she's like for. She really she doesn't like it now jealous. Yeah. Our cat. We have two cats who were jealous of each other as well. Okay. That was our interlude. We're back. Hat tip of the week. Let's talk windows tan. Yeah. So before the show, what does prize that ever had never. Eighteen team actually as something. Interesting in it. We've heard this was coming in here. It is, sir. Search and Cortana are now separated. Yep. Why why why would they pick the real? What's the real reason? I've seen lots of speculation certainly this will help clear the way for third party assistance in windows, which I'm sure the PC makers wanted. If you do, you know anything about? Why? You know, what's the real reason? So my thinking is one when Microsoft first came out with Cortana it was from the Bing team, right? Like all the work was done by being to build the knowledge base it became Cortana. But now Microsoft's putting this new unified search experience in a lot of their products. It's going to be a windows officers sixty five in bang in that thing that was called Bing for business and edge. And so if you're doing that, and you're taking that very specific search experience and bringing it to all these products. It doesn't make sense to have intermingled with Cortana now because Cortana has becoming a very different thing. It's becoming more of a built-in productivity aid to things like to do and outlook. And it's not what initially it was supposed to be which was kind of like a standalone personal digital. Remember, we talked to Terry. And he was talking about how Cortana even as as recently as last year and today, I think as well, it's not made by the same part of Microsoft makes windows, right? So they have competing schedules, and desires, and you know, market Kohl's and so forth. The never really on the same page. You know windows is updated constantly and Cortana is not. I don't know. But it's updated on a different cadence. I guess Microsoft's terminal Adji. That must have played a role. Also, so confusing too. I think normal people especially, but even to to non normal people like when you click that button that you thought was going to be search, then you're like my using. So I think I think it just it's cleaner to have them separate, and it makes more sense. It's more like in your mind. You can be like, okay. This is Cortana. This is search. These are two different things, even though Cortana can do searches. Like now, I have two things to remove from task bar instead of one. You know, 'cause I mean part of my by pre-game checklists every time I started new PC up get rid of Cortana get rid of my people get rid of windows Inc. Workspace that is get rid of task you. And in some cases, these are things. I just don't need the buttons for right? So task view is windows key, plus tab Cortana ca you can bring out this by searching from the start. You don't need the button. It's the works. Like, I said, so if you know how this stuff works. It's just needless clutter and base robbing stuff. Do you keep the search box? You said or or you don't. I can just hit starting type that most people don't know that off. I didn't know that. No, yeah. Nice. I'll be trying that at home. Yeah..

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