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Thunder now getting Golan. So they're back in the mix. The wolves are a part of that group Lakers. I guess are there like three and five eight or something I'll tell My my head. head. So we will see good point about the kings for sure another what you got here. Bigger mess. A little more difficult bigger mess. Wizards iraq. It's. Czar arts. Gets the rockets are at their one in five no doubt. But I think the fact that they're pretty thin combined with an injury to James harden suspension to Chris Paul injury to James Ennis. You're playing guys who shouldn't be virtually in the league, and Michael Carter Williams and Carmelo Anthony who's starting and when you're planning switching defensing, you're hoping Carmelo Anthony he's got to quicks to help you. Yes, they need their all their guys to be on the same page to start the year. So I think you give them a little bit of rope here, especially because and they they've only had hardened Paul together for two games. I know it's an excuse. They shouldn't be losing by twenty or thirty. Yeah. Thank you get out of it, though. I think the rockets I think once I get back and they get into the sea though, because it's been since game one that they've looked at all on especially defensively, but even offense they just don't really have the same zip to look like they are coasting until the playoffs that make a championship run. What you? Yeah. Agree. AB shouldn't do if you haven't ever wanna championship though. I think like if you compare them to the wizards, I don't see how the wizards really get out of this mess. They've created themselves. I think you just going to coming coming back. That'd be that'd be the savior comeback tonight. Yet reportedly. Which is great. Look, he can certainly he shoot improve them rebounding and defense, but I just. Well, let's say. At the bottom almost. So that's the thing. I think like give them a little bit of a surge. But I think eventually this sort of chaos is going to return to Washington because we've seen it before it's played the last couple of years where it's Houston. I just think it's a matter of maybe a bit of hangover from Las season of how how well they went. How close they got that. I just haven't caught sort of got this spot going it. Whereas the wizards they should be much better. They should be competing to finish in the top four in the east but nowhere near that. They'll be lucky to even make the playoffs right now. Raucous have a lot of pressure on their top guys because you know, I mentioned a bunch of their guys that are playing shouldn't really be playing than Brandon. Knight is hurt Marcus Chris's sort of on the periphery of the rotation. Never really been able to even stick in a rotation in Phoenix. So you're relying on James says, well, I mean, there's not a lot of bodies there. Will make a move this man, not stand, Pat. He's got two and Chris Ball was part of it that he signed for forty million dollars. And then you know, you can't signed by Moore and. Reza go. Yeah. He was gonna go get paid somewhere. But yeah, they're thin ice the right trading that they haven't looked motivated. That's weird. It is weird. I wonder if like some of these trade talks are having any effect on a guy like Eric, Gordon. Who's name was in the mix early in the season trading for possible Jimmy Butler. It was what Gordon Tucker being thrown around a good point. No, if it is, but he has been horrible. I brought it up in a crossfire segment this week. He was my ghost player because he he just has looked brutal. You can't shot, and that's what air Gordon does bad right now. So they good point because you know, when he was traded once upon a time from LA to New Orleans and then New Orleans to Houston. That's that's how it worked. Oh, no. He just as New Orleans now he was traded. It was trading crisp paltry, then they matched on them. Right. That's right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Right. Right. Right. And New Orleans, then he was signed as a free agent bought the rockets yet we throw in Addison, right? That sounds right. I think the point is when he was involved in trade deals. He didn't really like it. I think he he wants to be wanted. Yeah. Some possibility it's a little bit..

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