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And if you're the leader i get it. You need to make sure you hire some people so that the availability of your businesses there. The other thing i'd say is if you don't answer still reply and let them know let them know you're working on an answer. Don't just be black box. And then the third thing this is really really key and there's more of this switched from the heath brothers which is a fantastic book or you can just google on article bright spots by the heath brothers but one of the things is one of the best ways to win over customers is find the bright spots and the bright spots are when a customer tells you that you serve them so well. They're over the moon. It's an email. It's a letter and they're telling you why their customer for life why they love you. That is a strength and strength finders. We spent too much time actually that we spent a good amount of time on individuals but businesses have strengths. Just like people do and when you mind the bright spots of your already existing business and you double down on them. You will double triple quadruple your customers. And the here's the thing. They may not be the things that you think they are. They're the things that your customers think. They are and just one last point on that. I used to love to talk about our product and are features and our benefits. And then i'd go to shows and i talk about our products features are benefits and you know what everybody talked me about. What's they talked to me about. Our warranty our vip warranty are unconditional lifetime warranty and most of these people. Never even used it. But i didn't want to talk about that. I wanna say oh timeout. You're not going to have to use the warranty. We make really good stuff. Look at this feature look benefit. But they kept talking to us about our warranty. And when i read that in that book it just dawned on me that holy cow. We need to pour gasoline on this warranty. And what we're talking about. That's the thing the customers want to talk about. That was one of our strengths so when we actually doubled down on those strengths. It really was a huge momentum. Builder for our company man. There's so many mic drop moments. I don't even know where to start with that. That whole piece. There's so much golden there. Thank you for that. that's huge. It sounds like they're saying. Hey joe stop. Turn impressed me and show me that i can trust you. That's what the customers saying man. That's so good. You talked about this earlier this whole idea of it being a transactional relationship with a lotta businesses. Where you go. Hey i've got product you wanted. Okay great sia and you guys have done a great job about continuing that relationship with your customers after the sale. How do you do that outside of. Hey sign up for a newsletter. We'll email you in the next sale happens. Yeah so i assuming that you care about those things as the business owner or leader and assume that you're hiring team members who is light up. Okay when they when you talk to them about those things they have to light up. I know it sounds corny but is light up when they're excited about stuff but assuming that you're doing that you have to find out what your customers are interested in and one of the best ways to do that. Yes you can ask your customers That questions specifically and yes you can run surveys. I'm not a huge survey fan but one of the things you can do is go where your customers are and observe them. Observe them online observed them in the store and that will kind of reveal to you where they're at and what they want and so with us. We will find our own employees which were our customers already. They were on social media. They were on instagram. They were on facebook And then they were also listening to podcasts. So we went to where customers were and the number one tool. And i can't stress. This enough for us was observing often times. When you ask somebody something specifically or you do a survey they start to react in different ways than they normally would so if you observe people almost like observing them their natural environment almost like you know like an animal or something like that but It will start to reveal. You have to be really curious about your customer. Observe them and then go were there at. That's huge and i've seen you guys do this in a lot of ways but one of the biggest ways is through your content channels like you were talking about earlier with creating ongoing content. I mean you have an instagram. That has almost a million followers for an optics. Company mean that's unheard of. You've got a hundred thousand subscribers on youtube channel. And so what are you guys doing right in these areas. That's causing this kind of momentum. Yeah so i you know when. I talked to our social media teams. They've got a couple of things that they do one is they. They go for content entertainment education fun more than the go for the heart sale. So that's one thing. We talked about earlier again. I would double down on that. The other one is a lot of our customers are excited to share about us. And so we go right after their user generated content and we affirm them when they do something we call them out and we promote their content. And there's one quote that i just love in. It's the my angela quote. She says you know people forget what you say. People will forget what you do. But they'll never forget how you make them feel and that is so true and your customers when they are excited about your brand and they're sharing about your brand nothing is better than when that brand comes and affirms them and says we love this. They promoted oftentimes wheat. We send him a private message. We find out their shirt size. We find out something about that. They shared about and we're going to send him a surprise gift in the mail and that makes people feel important and the reality is they are important so we really have a responsibility to make them feel that way and i would recommend a lot of other brands Do that but the other thing is that we talked to them in a voice. Were not talking at them so a lot of times. We talk about that. We picture them in the pickup truck in the passenger seat. And they're our friend and we're heading out to deer camp and that's why we're going to talk to them. I say that singular. We're going to try to talk to an individual rather than talk to a group even though we know it's going to be a group. Those are some things that we do from a social media perspective that i think really resonate with the customers. That's so good. And all comes back to making the customer the hero and we've done that ramsey solutions and a lot of ways at entree leadership conferences. We'll have a you know a ten foot banner. I've just one of our customers and their business and we're saying hey. This guy's the hero that small businesses the backbone of america. This guy's crushing. It were so proud of him. We do it with debt-free screams on the ramsey show. We re post someone's instagram of their their debt. Free you know letter board of how much they paid off. And we're celebrating them and so that's so huge. It's such an easy thing that businesses can do to show how they're winning and it's not because of how awesome the businesses. It's because of what they're doing. And so i i love them and taliban when it comes to building a brand now i gotta talk about this podcast because a lot of a lot of people have gone. Their mom's basements got a podcast. But you guys have a massive vortex nation. Podcasts and i don't think a lot of businesses out there going. Hey we want to have a podcast for hvac technicians and was just on a podcast recently and these guys just have a heart for people in that industry and they started a podcast just for those in the industry and i thought this is so cool and there's a lot of richness in the niches and you guys have definitely carved your piece out. So what is the deal. And the goal of this podcast. Yeah i think the goal from a super high level is just to be again is connected as we can to the customer in being a medium in a space that they're already in. I think more to the podcast. My brother jimmy's so i work with three of my brothers. And jimmy is the youngest He was very interested in podcast and very interested in social media and he really had the idea that he could start this podcast. It would be something that our customers would be interested in and again we have a history of of allowing experiments In our company so this was an experiment in he tried it. And when you do an experiment. One of the things that i would recommend. Don't bet the farm on that so that that's one thing Which we didn't but the second thing is give it some time. Give it some time in. That's one of the things that i think we did here was. We gave it some time. You know he had kind of perfect How do a podcast and Then we needed give it time to get out to the customers and then we needed to see. Our customers are reacting to that and adjusting and so again from a high level at staying really connected to the customers and giving them the content. That's really going to add value to their lives to their hunt too. They're shooting experience or just to their entertainment But then also i think it was a really good example of how running experiments for your company intentional experiments for company can really reveal some.

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