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Marriage. And at a time when there is a war against the good child's education, there has to be a war that is wage on behalf of the good child access to education. And that has to go hand in hand with child marriage and be also have to see this as Kant of some of the CB and Peavey eek strategies. Kitchen mentioned a key part of combating educating girls on on the issue for large, Doug is to question. Has there ever been an instance of two children being forced to marry other a boy and a girl both under the age of eighteen? And I asked that question. Because I would think a key part of that education is also executing boys, right? Hey, as you grow up, this is not. Okay. And here's, why is that imagine that's part of the strategy to or not? Can you talk to them? So that is a very good question, but then he so I've done a map paying off and does not brides it's a, it's a car for denies ation that has a website with a map of all of the laws that have a child marriage in their statute books. And you look at what the see is that all of these laws. A parade on a term of what I call in gender duality that is almost like hypocrisy in these laws so that a good, a good age of marriage is lower than the boys age of marriage. And to some extent that is also the duality that renders we're, but but that is shaped by the devaluation of the good shy that somehow of goods value lies in a marriage, right? So that is one part of his second. It's a way of protecting the goal from alleged or imagine harmful threats of sexual abuse of of on a kinds. And I think you're going to be touching upon that too. This is all part of that continuum of a good on his owned by her family, and therefore the earliest instance she needs to be given in marriage in order to protect her as well as to protect the family. Then Thirdly, she's a commodity you, there's the commodification of a God by giving her in marriage and being either, you know, getting a bride price or getting rid of, you know, give her away to another family. And then finally times. Of war b see with it is with al-shabaab or with Boko haram goods bodies become the sights of wild once. So that again, so these, they're these four, five reasons that really. Need to be addressed as root causes of child marriage Frankie. Thank you. I wanna turn from child marriage to the horrific crime of acid attacks, which particularly facts women in countries across South Asia, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Verna. Some reports suggest that incidence is actually increasing in this part of the world. Why is that. Well, the first reason is and fully bonded. Vici- has addressed it. In then law. We was in the two prizes and it's been the most effective ingen law and the two five, sunny laws that have come since have not had the teeth because they have not. Addressed the purchase and sale of asset asset is something which is very, very, very cheap in southeast Asia. It's used in jewellery production. It's used all over for agricultural purposes for pumpkin seed and hit us full of rubber production, etcetera. So any pharma EMMY farmhand anyone who works in fact free making any kind of jewelry can't get the hands on. Asset and the whole gallon of acid will cost lessen the Jolla. Now, four bought photon Gita was joking about right about child marriage for me. Why acid violence, the sodium, fourth, and why it has doesn't not interested enough people. I feel in the west is because it has not really hit a nerve your lives in any way that you can see it like child marriage, you talk about from Massachusetts to, you know, Delaware, etcetera. Something in your life did something you see across the globe. Acid violence is if chide is not given in marriage, that child could be doused and acid and destroyed for life. The always go for the face and the neck, which means blindness and disfiguration people who can afford it can have ten to thirty surgeries and still never ever. You see the employable again. The never have the confidence to leave the home. Again, they destroyed. So this happens if you don't give your girl in marriage to a more powerful person or an older person..

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