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I'm tweeting about the mayhem at the capital earlier today, quote I'm asking for everyone at the Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence. Remember, we are the party of Law and order. Respect the law and our great men and women in blue. Thank you. That is The right message here from the president. And we need to understand that, for example, the those law enforcement officers on Capitol Hill who are protecting our members of Congress, Republican and Democrat as they as they darn well should They're doing their job. And there is nothing about what was happening today. We're cops. I mean, there's a lot of video. You can see it. Cops are being attacked Cops or being pepper sprayed. This. This is what we expect from the other side. That's what we expect from a left. I will say I'm very I'm very heartened. By the fact that conservatives the conservatives that I know who are not only great minds and an excellent broadcasters and thinkers, but but I also know personally are good people. They're all just saying, Look, this is this is unacceptable. We condemn this that this isn't a conduct condemnation, but it isn't what the left does, And that's the big separation. What did they always say about BLM? All summer. This past summer, and they've done it before, too. Oh, it was a mostly peaceful protest, and that was what they hid behind. Not dealing with the reality of what had actually happened and and standing in front of buildings on fire and saying Oh, well, Until this it was great. Now. They do that because they don't want to offend. Their constituents being the left the socialist the antifa BLM. They don't want to upset them, and their audience at places like CNN and MSNBC are very Very favorable to those groups. If they're not even a part of them themselves. They like those groups a lot, so they always give this out. They always have this on the one hand on the other or half hearted. Description of this. I'm here to tell you people that showed up today in in D. C to protest what they feel is a stolen election. And the ones who were abiding by the laws and we're respecting their fellow Americans. God bless him, and that's right within the American American tradition. Period, the people that stormed the capital building and attack police officers and took selfies on the floor of Congress after have to be evacuated and on Capitol Hill police pulling their guns. They don't know what this they don't know if they're gonna These, these rioters are going to do something far more violent than just breaking in the windows, which is bad enough on its own. Those people are their actions should be condemned unequivocally fully and I do and all of us should Those actions were wrong. Wrong. The president. Is telling them that they're wrong. I do wish we'd have a little bit more forceful this from him on this. I'm just going to say it. And and I understand how upsetting Not just not just the last few days have been, but also ever since November. I understand that there are people.

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