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You're listening to inside of you with Mike Rosenbaum, rob. I'm back did game of thrones is back. I'm back with Rhonda's back. You've been watching it. I have I've been pretty excited this. I mean, it's not Sunday yet abso- three we'll have by the time. This is out, and I don't wanna give anything away but things are building up. So we're not going to give any spoilers here. But I'm just saying things or building up that you know, shit's going to go down. And everybody's got these you have these dead pools like who's going to survive, the, you know, who's gonna sit on the twenty you wouldn't even do it yet. You get an answer like forty questions. All do it. No. Well, no one's died because allow because you know, part of the questions are what did they die? So you're eliminating to six, but you know, what I think Sansa, Jon snow and aria might be the final three. All right. So who do you think is going to sit on the throne at the end, I'm going to have to go with. I mean padraic. No denarius is gonna is gonna try and kill John snow, and then are is going to kill her. It's going to be this weird blood bat, and I have a picture that feeling of Sansa crawling up to the throne bloody. And just like. And crawling up, and she's the last one there. Anyway, it's going to be exciting. Can't wait till the final final episodes, but guest today ask me what I who thinks to me on the throne. Well, it's tough because I don't I don't think there's gonna be a happy ending that die during dying. I don't think the Starks as a whole they're not all gonna live and then have the throne. I think the nearest gaining the throne is anyway today, we've got a great guest David nutter, he directs he directs three of the last six game real last six one two and four he directed. He directed the red wedding. He you're going to get a lot of insight. If you're even whether you're filmmaker not you can get a lot of insight. This guy has directed over twenty pilots of gone to series, some of those snuck by I don't know like smallville, aero supernatural. This guy is a legend David nutter anybody and everybody in the industry knows him. If you don't know them, and you're out there in the mid west where I grew up just listening because it's gonna you're gonna find it interesting. He's a really interesting guy in such a likable guy. Let's get inside David nutter. It's my. You're listening to inside of you with Michael Rose. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. This is a real treat for me. Thank you for allowing me to be inside of you, David nutter. There's plenty of room Alan miles, created smallville. They they're excited. They said when he can have us on you have him on before us. But I said, hey, he's done a lot more work than you guys. That's not true. They're great guys. And I love them. They're gonna come on. How do we meet you remember how he met you have to remind me hitting first of all I'm sitting with a huge huge director. He's done so much. You know, I was looking at your resume. I didn't know this shit. I mean, I know you're not somebody who loves to talk about themselves like me, but Jack and Bobby without a trace smallville dark angel Roswell sleep walkers millennium above and beyond Eastwick, mental as Terminator travelers supernatural, the doctor arrow the advocates the flash deception. These are let me these aren't just episodes of television you directed. The pilots for these show. Correct. Yes. And then sold the twenty shows you still twenty shows and at one point you had sixteen in a row that you sold that when you shut the pilot and went to series. Yes. Do you ever look in the mirror and say, yeah, you're fucking the shit, man..

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