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Happening? Welcome back. Anything goes Friday. Let's go to the calls four zero four eight nine two. Two seven zero three we got midtown. Mario good day. Welcome. Hey, good morning. How's it going good? How are you? One second. I'm sorry about that. I was meeting. Hey, I'm doing fine. Happy friday. Happy Friday just wanted to call in and say happy Friday. I just felt like saying that. Yesterday with Stacey. Wow. Well, let me say miss April. I'm sorry. I thought it was very informative. I think she said she tell us by the end of March, which is an important distinction. Because I mean, she might drop the bombshell today or did say by the end of March as a matter of fact when she decided to run for governor. If you recall ahead her own my program one day after she announced, the exploratory committee, basically, okay? So I had her on my program as she said, I will take a couple of weeks or something like that. And she actually made the decision by that Friday or Saturday. So it absolutely could drop before the end of March. And wouldn't it be nice? If she came and dropped it on wwl Kia. How how exciting with? I'd be. Yeah. Can't wait. And I'm I'm already chided about it. What do you follow my logic? As to what office it will possibly. Okay. I do. And I think she is destined for a much bigger stage. Anyway, I mean, I certainly like to see her in the governor's mansion after reduced great job there. But I think her platform is so much bigger. So I think she has the capacity for bigger, and I'm just whatever she decides to do would be an asset to the state, and I'm just looking forward to it. I just can't wait. Right, man. Have a great weekend. Four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three Charles in DC Charles day. Welcome. I'm not so happy. But I am glad it's Friday. Yeah. You know, I'm beginning to feel this this new hot Tamale Tamale affectionally known as a oh, see. Yeah. And these questions that she's asking, you know, she's asking questions that even some members of the CBC won't won't ask so shout out to her. Well, well, let let's say this congresswoman court tabs. Is fierce and fearless. She has been able in a very short amount of time. She has already been able to basically successfully coordinate an actual policy from Democrats as it relates to the environment. Something that Democrats independently have supported, but she has been able to really lassoed them around an idea. Now, what does that say to me that says to me that this woman is more than a spokesperson that she has the ability to organize from within. So I'm looking for more to happen. We're talking about a few weeks Charles a few weeks. This woman was able to do this. Yeah. And she was a bartender anti came in here. And she's rocking the house. Now that begs the question, what has the CBC been door for the past sixty five years, but anyway, Stacey Abrams, I think she will be great in the Senate, right? If she doesn't run for the Senate, then I think it's and I say this with all due respect with all appropriate affection. Georgia's spiff needs needs new blood. So if it's not going to be Stacey than maybe Qassim re would be a good person to to bring new energy into Georgia's fifth. But it's it's time for that that there should go into a different direction. Because if you look at what the current congressman from the fifth is doing his support for HR twenty two eighty two I just think tapper taproom to go, and I got a question for you were shot. Do you believe that our people were better off before? Integration. Yes. Or no. That's a mixed bag, and let me tell you. Why? I don't believe integration was the. Downfall. And some people will argue that. And I understand the point of the argument, but I would argue against that to me. It was never integration. Integration created access. Integration allowed for mobility free mobility, integration allowed for services to be rendered in a way that was appropriate and non-bias. But what it also did it was a prerequisite or should I say a catalyst to assimilation a simulation was a mindset that suggested and in some instances mandated that you be like the oppressor, you be like a white man or white woman in order to achieve equality. The problem with that is black folks. Dan left black hotels. They stop shopping at black businesses. They stop eating at black restaurants in order to achieve equality with whites. They will take their dollars into white establishment drying up the economic. The force of the black community. So it was not to me. It was not the. The coordinated effort of accessibility through integration. But rather the mentality of assimilation that hurt. But don't you see how like when certain communities build walls around their communities? They make progress, for example, we can look too many major cities and find a Chinatown Chinatown is not there because of a wall Chinatown is there the cost of Chinese. They have they have a historical reality of dealing with other folks that look Chinese. That's why those that come from India they deal with individuals here from India, we have a we have a population of North Korean students Korean students in university. I didn't realize that when Koreans come to America. Does basically a Korean guide that they all get and they understand all things Korean in the United States from shops to eat two locations to get. Furniture. It goes on and on right? But they are accustomed to dealing with folks that look like them. So there's a different context when you talk about black people in America black people don't have the same context. Well, when I say, well, I'm not talking about a literal wall. I'm talking about a metal metaphorical in where I'm going with all of this is that. You know, when the subject was raised earlier about civil rights, and what Trump's come in and on. I'm not gonna defend that. I don't think anybody can defend that trying to defend this is dumb is trying to defend baby killing, but I will say that there's an argument to be made that we were much better off prior to integration. And I think you very well articulated their point. All right, thanks. I appreciate your call four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three. It is anything goes, Friday, whatever's on your mind is on my mind. Let's get at four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three reels man on radio. The.

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