Mike Greenberg, Espn discussed on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch


Can without i mean you you want absorb obviously be a little proprietary when it comes to what you talked about with mike greenberg but i just think the audience would be fascinating by when when the host of the show is calling someone who could be a potential co host with them what are those conversations like is he asked he trying to figure out if you have chemistry over the phone or is he telling you what his he thinks his philosophy will be of this show and could you fit into this philosophy well you know and i didn't know that well when i was at espn because our schedules overlapped i you know he was the morning guy and i was after noon with fourth nation and when i was on numbers never lie those shows never really had a crossover and it wasn't like i was appearing on his show for any reason so it was more of a periphery relationship so i think ultimately when those first conversation started happening it wasn't like hey i want to be on the show it was like hey are you do you like where you're at right now where you wanna go with your career and ultimately and have never been bashed by this and i said it he the last time we spoke you said what you're open job i've always wanted to be on a morning show i mean that's and that's part of the reason i decided to take that entertainment job was because i needed to the sports analogy of life i needed to learn to play on the other side of the ball i needed to to add that payment piece of the pie or puzzle to my life that's great that you've lived in the sports base for a decade but working red carpet convene around actors act.

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